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Fans Not Excited For American Idol’s Biggest Season Ever?

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American Idol fans aren’t excited about the new season. Season 21 premieres on Sunday night (February 19). Fans took to social media to share their disappointment. Find out why they’re not feeling the hype.

Luke Bryan calls it “the greatest season of American Idol yet”

In a new preview clip shared on Twitter, Luke Bryan hyped up the new season of American Idol. On Sunday, the official account for the ABC singing competition shared the clip for Season 21. They’re calling it the “biggest celebration ever.” The video starts out with judge Katy Perry who wears a glittery silver tinsel dress.

Lionel Richie & Katy Perry [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She exclaims that “American Idol is back.” The show is “pulling out all the stops” for the “biggest celebration ever.” That means making more people’s dreams come true. Host Ryan Seacrest says they’re celebrating in “the biggest party cities in the USA.” He’s seen toasting one of the contestants at the auditions.

Fellow judge Lionel Richie says the celebration is gonna take place all season. Luke Bryan asks fans to “join us for the greatest season ever.” However, fans aren’t excited about the new season of American Idol. They were blunt about their true feelings.

Some of them slammed the panel of judges. Others are still thinking about the previous season, which came with its own share of controversial decisions and choices. The Season 20 finale received a mixed reaction among the fanbase. Country singer Noah Thompson from Kentucky won that season.

HunterGirl, whose real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, came in second place. Most of the criticism was geared towards the singers, most of which were country music and acoustic performers. Fans want someone else to win the show for a change. Many are disappointed that their faves were voted off early in the season.

AI fans aren’t excited for Season 21

However, American Idol fans aren’t excited about Season 21. They took to that tweet to share their thoughts. Here is just some of the reaction to the biggest celebration ever:

  • “I would watch but I can’t tolerate any of the judges.”
  • I won’t be watching any longer. I’m sick and tired of celebrities doing politics. Katy and Luke should take a great notes from the great Dolly Parton. She stays loyal to all her fans. That’s why we love DP.
  • “I don’t have time. I have to watch my paint dry.”
  • “I pretty much gave up on American Idol when you can tell who the producers are going to push to the end within the first few days of auditions! Last year was a huge disappointment!”
  • “I would rather have a root canal for the entire length of time.”
  • “Please go off the air.”

What are your thoughts on Season 21 of American Idol? Are you tuning in for the premiere? Or, did you lose interest as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 21 premieres on Sunday, February 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. You can also watch new episodes the following day on Hulu.

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