UPtv’s Flirty February Continues With ‘Mixed Baggage’

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UPtv’s Flirty February continues with a romance in the air called Mixed Baggage. How can a luggage mix-up turn into love?

Mixed Baggage stars Leanne Lapp (Five More Minutes, Psych 3: This Is Gus), and Spencer Lord (Doomsday Mom, A Honeymoon To Remember).

Ali Calamari wrote the script with Farhad Mann (The Past Never Dies, A Killer In My Home) directing.

What Is UPtv’s Mixed Baggage About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, Angelenos Everett Jones (Lapp), Evie to most people is a movie associate producer headed from Phoenix to Vancouver, with a stop at LAX. Evie has put her vintage-looking green duffel bag in a safe spot. That is because, inside the bag, she has an important item for the movie that she is involved with.

On the plane, she meets Jake Woodward (Lord). Jake is an artist. He has an identical bag to Evie. This is a green duffel bag. However, in his bag is a vintage engagement ring. It is not for Jake, but for his best friend, Raymond (Alex Barima) who needs it to propose to his girlfriend Olivia (Faith Wright). Jake, Raymond, and Olivia have plans to open an artist’s studio and shop. This engagement is the first step forward.

As fate would have it, Jake and Evie sit across from each other. They are instantly enjoying each other’s company. He is a nervous flier, and she is all confident and at ease. Subsequently, she helps him calm down by giving him a napkin. Suddenly, he twists and turns the napkin and the final result is a beautiful rose. She puts the rose to her nose and it is pretzel scented. Meanwhile, he watches her every move. The two are in a bubble.

Is It A Love Bubble?

Somehow, the two miss noticing that a flight attendant moves around their bags to help someone else squeeze their luggage in the overhead bins. This makes a huge difference as when the plane lands, they both grab what they think is their bag and take off. Moreover, they don’t share their names or contact information.

Evie finally arrives in Vancouver. However, the prop is not in her bag. This is not even her bag. Instead, she uncovers a beautiful antique ring. She soon begins to figure that she accidentally grabbed Jake’s bag. But, she does not know his name or how to contact him.

Simultaneously, Jake digs into his bag to give the very nervous Raymond the ring. But, the ring is not there! Instead, Jake realizes that this is Evie’s bag.

Now, both try to figure out how to find the other. They use clues from their short conversation. Will they find each other and get their important cargo? Moreover, will they meet that person who could be the right one?


When Can You Watch Mixed Baggage?

The premiere of Mixed Baggage is on Sunday, February 19, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv.

UPtv airs new movies every Sunday night at 7 p.m., Eastern.


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