‘ABP’ Bear Brown Announces Special Message For Fans

Bear Brown- Instagram

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People has been very active on social media lately. He has left some very special messages for his fans and after Valentine’s Day, he has even more to share. In fact, for the holiday, he ran a special deal for his fans on Cameo. He wanted to make videos and messages for fans to connect with them. However, it turned out that he got very overwhelmed. With all of the special requests that he received, he mentioned that his family did Cameos too. Not only has he been making Cameos, but he has started going Live on Instagram and sharing special messages for fans.

Bear Brown’s Special Message

Bear and his wife, Raiven Brown, recently welcomed their second child. It looks as if he is trying to bring in some extra money for their growing family. This could be one of the reasons that he started making Cameo offers to his fans. In his most recent post on Instagram, Bear wanted to share with his fans a message. He wrote, “Thank you, everybody, for all the positive feedback on my live!!! I will be doing another one in the near-ish future!!! Again thank you for all your support and God bless!”

Bear Brown- Instagram
Bear Brown- Instagram

It turns out that the fans who saw his Live were very impressed with him. More so, they love how he interacted with them on social media. Bear got a lot of comments congratulating him on the new baby. However, there were some comments that were not very positive. Those followers felt like he needs to stay away from Raiven, but he seemed to ignore those. Nevertheless, all he was trying to do was share a positive message with the fans.

Life For The Browns

The Brown family all have very distinctive personalities and they are all pretty active on social media. Bear wasn’t the only member of the family to give special offers for Valentine’s Day. Bear was quick to tell his fans that he was overwhelmed with requests. In fact, he had so many requests for the holiday that he started to boost his siblings’ Cameo accounts. He told his fans that his brother, Gabe was running special deals for fans as well.

Gabe Brown- Instagram
Gabe Brown- Instagram

It turns out that Bear was very successful during the Valentine’s Day special. More so, he had fans tell him that they had contacted his siblings to get Cameo messages as well. By the looks of it, Valentine’s Day was a big hit for the wolf pack and they have all shown just how grateful they are for their fans.

Did you get a Cameo message for Valentine’s Day? What do you think of the Browns making these messages? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay here with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People. 

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