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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Offers Deal For Fans, Ends Up Overwhelmed

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Bear Brown offered Alaskan Bush People fans an amazing deal this week. However, he might have underestimated how many fans would take him up on the offer. Now he has had to reveal that the deal would end soon since the response was so great.

Here is a look at Bear’s deal and how fans can still take advantage of it for a short time.

Bear Brown offers fans a big deal

Bear Brown was already the lowest-priced member of the Alaskan Bush People cast on Cameo. At $35, he was $5 less than his siblings and a great deal less than other reality TV stars. Some of them charge upward of $100 for a personalized video for fans which can be excessive.

Bear Brown on ABP screencap

However, Bear offered fans an even better deal for Valentine’s Day. When Bear first started offering Cameos for fans, he said he would have deals in the future. He even said he would do some free ones down the line. Now, he might be reconsidering that after his offer for the upcoming holiday.

Bear took to Instagram on Saturday and announced a Valentine’s Day offer. Bear let fans know that for the holiday, he was offering his Cameo videos at $10 off. That makes them $25, which is a massive deal for anyone who loves Cameos and possibly has a loved one who is an Alaskan Bush People fan to buy it for.

However, it went a lot better than possibly even Bear expected.

Bear Brown has to put an early end to the deal

Bear came on Instagram again on Sunday night and let fans know he was going to have to put a stop to accepting Cameo requests in the “near future.” According to Bear, he got so many requests that he is about to end up with too many to get done in a reasonable time.

This is great news for Bear Brown, but bad news for anyone who procrastinated. Bear said he will keep accepting requests for his $25 Valentine’s Day deal. However, once he sees he has too many to get done on time, he will put a hold on accepting any more requests until he gets caught up.

Bear Brown IG

Bear also reminded people that they can still get Cameo videos from his siblings, as he puts a pause on his. Gabe Brown just announced a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround on his videos just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Bear is the only one who dropped his price to $25 yet Gabe is the only one offering the 24-hour deal. However, the other Brown siblings (other than Matt) are still available, although they are not as prone to publicize it.

Have you considered getting a Bear Brown Cameo? Which member of the Brown family do you think gives the best videos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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