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Todd Chrisley’s Goes Grey: Loses Cosmetic Glow Behind Bars

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It is no secret that Todd Chrisley (and most of his family) utilize all sorts of cosmetic enhancements. The disgraced reality TV king has openly admitted his deep love for Botox. Being bars for the next 12 years, Todd Chrisley doesn’t have access to Botox, hair dyes, and other tools he may utilize to maintain his youthful glow. According to his daughter Savannah, his hair is already starting to go grey.

Todd Chrisley’s Goes Grey: Loses Cosmetic Glow Behind Bars

As fans know, Todd Chrisley is 53 years old. He, however, takes great pride in having a very youthful cosmetic glow. With the help of Botox, hair dye, and a good dentist, Todd has been able to morph himself into looking a lot younger than he actually is.

Todd Chrisley has been behind bars for a month now and that means he’s been cut off from Botox, hair dye, and his dentist. And, from the mouth of his own daughter via her podcast, Todd Chrisley has some grey hairs starting to pop up. On her podcast, she admitted it was shocking to see her father with grey hair as he had the same hair color for such a long time. Savannah described her father going grey as “really weird” several different times.

I will say it’s really weird seeing him with grey hair… really weird… oh my gosh. Like, really weird. He’s definitely used some color over the years, and now seeing him with grey hair. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

The way she spoke during her podcast, most of her followers took it to mean she hadn’t even realized her father had been using hair dye to color his hair.

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Fans Say This Doesn’t Bode Well For Julie

In a thread on Reddit, one Chrisley Knows Best fan regularly reports in because they have a friend who has a family member at the same federal prison as Julie. According to the OP, their friend’s family member was unrecognizable after just a few months behind bars.

The individual penned: “Anyway, friend’s wife said she could barely recognize her daughter, that she had aged 20 years and is absolutely broken. She’s been incarcerated a few months. I realize this is one person’s experience, but if you ask me, it doesn’t bode well for Julie.”

Fans have also expressed concern for Julie Chrisley’s weight behind bars as it was no secret she used Nutrisystem to reach her weight loss goals. And, they worry she’ll struggle to maintain her weight while eating fatty prison food.

Unsurprisingly, most fans are just hopeful they’ll get to see a photo of Todd Chrisley with his grey hair.

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  1. I know that being a celebrity in prison is big news, but can’t The Christley’s do their time in piece.
    What does it matter if they are going to not have the comforts they had when they were not incarcerated.
    I think that the BEST publicity is NONE.
    They are incarcerated now. Let them do their time without being in the news almost daily.

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