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Why Is Todd Chrisley Famous To Begin With?

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Why is Todd Chrisley famous to begin with? Sure, viewers have gotten to know his over-the-top family throughout the years. They have been reality TV sensations now for ten seasons of Chrisley Knows Best. However, there has to be a reason why he and his family were chosen to be documented. Read on for more details.

Why Is Todd Chrisley Famous To Begin With?

Fans know Todd Chrisley and his whole family from their various reality television projects. They have their own series, Chrisley Knows Best which spawned a spinoff, Growing Up Chrisley. This centered around Todd’s children, Chase and Savannah. There was also Chrisley Confessions, a podcast he and his wife hosted. Now, Todd and Julie have garnered a lot of media attention since heading to jail in January for fraud and tax crimes. Yet, there has to be a reason why Todd and his family were chosen for fame, to begin with.

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According to We Got This Covered, Todd was in real estate prior to CKB. He had been married to Teresa Terry prior to his current longtime love, Julie. Terry shared, with the Daily Mail, that Todd always had an eye for fashion and interior design. He soon started to flip homes which he seemingly had a knack for. Combining that with his success in real estate and Todd Chrisley was rolling in the dough. This passion for real estate has since trickled down to Savannah and Chase who recently went into business together.

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Unfortunately, Todd’s life took a major hit when he and Terry got divorced and she filed a domestic violence complaint against him. At the time, the two had two children, Kyle and Lindsie. He had a brief respite until his real estate business went into financial ruin and he filed for bankruptcy over a decade ago. It did not take long for Todd Chrisley to become famous when the idea of doing a show revolving around his family popped up.

Chrisley Knows Best…Right?

Todd Chrisley became famous when the show launched but prior, he shared this with OK: “I always knew there was some crazy, but they felt like it was a show. They asked to do a sizzle reel, and I didn’t know what that was. We agreed to it, and really it was okay if nothing came from it. It wasn’t going to change my life… then they came back and said, ‘We’ve been wanting to stay away from you guys. But I just want you to know we presented this to ten different networks, and we have nine offers.’ And so I thought, Wow, the world really does have a desire for crazy.”

Todd Chrisley/YouTube
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Despite Todd and Julie being incarcerated, Season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best premiered this month. Fans still want more from the family no matter what they may have done wrong. So that is how Todd Chrisley initially became famous. It does not seem like this will slow down, even with him in jail.

Are you surprised to hear Todd’s backstory or did you know it all along? More so, are you shocked that his family was approached the way that they were? Let us know in the comments below.

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