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‘Velma’ Has Already Begun Production On Season 2

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Nick Davis

Velma has given HBO Max one of their most controversial shows of all time. Potentially even more dubious than the various controversies seen by other HBO shows like The Sopranos and Entourage over the years. Those controversies were mostly brushed off due to the overwhelming critical and audience praise for those shows. This is something Velma doesn’t quite have going for it. For HBO Max, though, it seems as though all they see is massive engagement and large viewer numbers. The show has gotten a renewal for Season 2, and that second season is apparently already underway. So let’s talk about what we may see in the second season.

Season 2 On The Way

Many thought that the Mindy Kaling-led show would be dead in the water after the disastrous reviews. It currently has a cumulative score of 1.4 out of 10 stars on IMDB. Jinkies…

velma hbo max season 1
Velma in her solo HBO Max series. Voiced by Mindy Kaling.

However, despite the terrible response to the show, it did really well in terms of its streaming numbers. In fact, Velma is the most-watched animated series debut ever to hit HBO Max. Granted, HBO has never been particularly known for its animated content. Certainly not in the way that its streaming contemporaries are like Netflix (with Bojack Horseman and Arkane) or Disney+ (with literally Disney’s entire animation catalog). Really, the only competition Velma has for the most popular animation on the service is Harley Quinn. But where the popularity of Harley Quinn seems to largely come from people enjoying the show, the Season 2 Velma renewal may have largely come from hate clicks.

velma scooby doo original series
Velma from the original ‘Scooby Doo’ series

The infamy around the show was so viral that it may be what’s propelling the series to more episodes. The show’s initial announcement last year mostly took backlash for its lack of Scooby-Doo and the change of Velma to a south Asian character. Mindy Kaling, the voice of Velma and the show’s creator, has mostly been brushing off all of the hate slung her way. The show parodies the people who care about “race-swapping” and who in general constantly complain about largely unimportant things online.

The Controversial Velma

HBO Max has been hit with a number of controversies recently. It’s been canceling shows with significant followings like WestworldRaised By Wolves, and Close Enough. In the same breath, they’re in the midst of the first season of one of their most popular shows of all time. The Last Of Us is dominating the streaming charts as well as the reviews and all of the internet hype at the moment. How can one streaming service simultaneously hold one of the most popular and one of the most hated shows of 2023? That’s just the HBO Max way.

Velma Season 1 is out in its entirety on HBO Max now.

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