Christine Brown’s New Man Nervously Says Hello To ‘SW’ Fans

Christine Brown - David Woolley Instagram

Christine Brown and her new boyfriend, David Woolley, are Instagram official!

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, it was exactly a week ago that the TLC personality took to her Instagram Stories beaming with joy as she revealed she was dating someone special. This news came as a bit of a shock as she’d previously said during interviews that she wouldn’t go on more than three days with the same person. Likewise, it was also just a few weeks ago that she asked for advice on dating someone in her 50s.

So, fans were understandably baffled on how this relationship became so serious so quickly. After doting on him and their relationship via her Instagram profile, she later took to her Stories so he could say hello to Sister Wives fans.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Christine Brown’s new man, David Woolley, says hello

In a “Car Confessions” video, Christine Brown wished her 1.1M Instagram followers a Happy Valentine’s Day. She proceeded to tease that she had someone to introduce everyone too. She panned her video over to her boyfriend, David, who was driving the vehicle they were in.

Understandably nervous, David shyly said “hello” to his queen instead of to her Instagram followers. Panning back over to herself, she told her followers they were just having tons of fun together. She panned back over to her man so he could take a second less nervous stab at saying hello. This time, he wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

He’s been well-received by Sister Wives fans

Fans of the TLC show have had nothing but good things to say about David thus far. They are in agreement he is a lot more visually appealing compared to Kody. And, they hope he’s the “real man” Christine both needs and deserves.

Interestingly enough, fans also really seem to love the fact that he is bald. Christine Brown used to call attention to how much time and attention Kody Brown spent obsessing over his ramen noodle hair. And, fans love that she isn’t going to have to compete with David’s hair because he simply doesn’t have any.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Will Christine Bown’s new man be on the show?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, it appears as if fans are going to get to know David a lot better as a filming crew was spotted behind him in one of the photos Christine shared on her profile.

What do you think of Christine’s new man? Do you think he sounded shy in the video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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