Watch Out Kody Brown, Christine’s New Man Filming With Family

Kody Brown - Christine Brown Instagram

Move over Kody Brown — Christine has a new boyfriend and it appears as if their relationship will be featured on the next season of Sister Wives.

Christine Brown’s new boyfriend to be featured on Sister Wives? 

Sister Wives fans assume Kody Brown is quaking in his boots as Christine has just made her relationship with her boyfriend, David Woolley, Instagram official. As fans recall, Kody had previously accused Christine of leaving him because she already had a man lined up that she wanted to run away with. Kody Brown’s primary concern was this mystery man getting a piece of his empire.

Not only did Christine Brown drop a bombshell on fans by introducing her boyfriend, but she also revealed this was a pretty serious relationship. Turns out, David has already built a relationship with her children. She noted that he was “incredible” with her children in the comments. Likewise, she also referred to him as an “adorable grandpa.” 

Fans agreed it was very telling that Christine Brown’s new boyfriend was so comfortable with the family that he was holding one of Mykelti and Tony Padron’s twins.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Turns out, the closeness of David to Christine’s family and the seriousness of this relationship wasn’t the only thing revealed in this post. There was a detail hiding in the background of one of the photos. A detail that pretty much confirmed Christine Brown’s boyfriend would be a part of the show.

What kind of confirmation was in the photo?

In one of the photos, behind Christine and David, there appeared to be several members of the production crew as well as filming equipment. The equipment suggested that Christine Brown’s boyfriend would be integrated into the reality TV series. Fans can only assume Christine was only intending to tease having a relationship to promote interest in the show. But, when fans were able to uncover who he was on their own, there become no reason why she couldn’t post about him.

Now, there are a few different scenarios that could be at play here. There have been whispers a spin-off featuring Janelle and Christine is happening. The filming crew could be there for the spin-off. The filming crew could be there for Sister Wives. Or, the filming crew could be there for Christine’s cooking show. Either way, the filming crew being in the background confirms that Christine Brown’s new boyfriend and her love life will be integrated into her reality TV story.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Fans, however, can’t help but wonder how this romance could be integrated into the Sister Wives storyline as there is a massive gap between reality and where the show left off. Could the network explore a time jump to close the gap? Or, will the series continue to re-tell their story from the past?

How do you think Kody Brown feels about this situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.


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    1. Amen, I am glad Christine is happy. I lost all respect for Kody when he would not to to his daughter’s surgery cuz of covid. I am so happy that she and Jannelle & Meri left him.

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