Meri Brown Is Doing Whatever The H*ll She Wants Now

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Meri Brown has been fairly active on Instagram as of late and she wants her 828K followers to know she’s committed to doing “whatever the h*ll” she wants to do. As Tv Shows Ace reported, the TLC personality has made some pretty bold statements on social media recently. This included declaring that she was a champion that never had anything handed to her. Now, she wants everyone to know she’s focusing on herself.

Meri Brown in control, fans say it is about time

Sister Wives fans had one thing to say to Meri Brown on Instagram. “It’s about time.”  Likewise, some fans questioned what took her so long to decide to liver her life for herself instead of living it for other people. For years, Sister Wives fans have watched Meri ooze with desperation as she tried to get even a scrap of attention from her husband Kody. She admitted in one episode that while all the wives were complaining about how sick of Kody they were, they could certainly send him her way. Fans were disgusted with how excited Meri became at the idea of a moment of Kody’s attention.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri Brown – Instagram

In the past 24 hours, Meri took to Instagram to declare she was in control of her life. And, she was going to do “whatever the h*ll” she wanted to do. Here’s exactly what she said in the caption of her post, “Building businesses. Building friendships. Building a great life. All while doing whatever the h*ll I want.”

Shortly after this post, Meri followed up with a video clip that she first posted on TikTok. In the caption attached to the video, she told her followers it was important to get in the habit of running straight through the storms in life instead of running away from them or trying to go around them.

These inspirational posts are standard for MLMs

Now, fans on Reddit take the motivational things Meri Brown posts with a grain of salt. Why? Well, posting inspirational and motivating social media content is standard practice for someone who is trying to maintain a following and continue to sell products/recruit new sales reps. So, some fans question if there is anything beneath the surface in any of these types of posts Meri shares on her profile.

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri Brown – Instagram

Here’s some of what fans said in the comments of her post about finally doing whatever she wanted:

  • “Go Meri. Very sorry for your heartbreak. A suitable life partner who will adore you and devote himself to your happiness will come along.”
  • “About time…now you’ll find out for yourself how life should really be lived!”
  • “Go girl. It’s about dam time. Do you!”

While fans wanted to be supportive of Meri. Most admit they are frustrated it took her so long to get to this point. Moreover, fans take issue with her empowered approach because she only seemingly ended things with Kody because he declared they were not together during the Tell-All.

In living her own life, fans learned Meri Brown doesn’t have plans to be super involved in Season 18 of Sister Wives. Will the show continue to move forward without her? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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