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Discovery’s ‘Homestead Rescue’ Back For Another Season: All The Details

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Discovery’s Homestead Rescue is back for another season of repairs and rescues.

The Raney family is devoted to helping families rescue their homesteads from disaster.

Each episode shares a tip and advice to both the families and viewers who are interested in this growing lifestyle.

What do we know about the upcoming season and when does it premiere?

We have all the details.

Discovery’s Homestead Rescue Is Back For Another Season

Discovery is back with another season of Homestead Rescue. This series follows the Raney family as the seasoned homesteaders help others who are looking to find freedom by living a more meaningful life.

Sometimes they are in over their heads. This family helps to repair damages and teaches homesteaders valuable tools so that they can live successfully and independently.

What should viewers expect this season?

Homestead Rescue-
Homestead Rescue-

What Should Viewers Expect This Season of Homestead Rescue?

What sorts of rescues will viewers see in the upcoming season of Homestead Rescue?

The first episode kicks off with Marty headed to Wyoming. There, he helps a family that inherited a homestead. They have a well that has not been finished.

However, there is a terrible tragedy attached to this place. Marty has to instill his wisdom and optimism to help these folks move forward and build the life they always dreamt of.

But first, they need to build a bespoke greenhouse. In addition to the aquaponic greenhouse, Marty solves the mystery of the well.

Meanwhile, Matt has to invent a “duckaponics” system for a new duck sanctuary.

Homestead Rescue-
Homestead Rescue-

This is just the beginning of a season of incredible stories. Viewers can also expect to watch the family help Idaho homesteaders deal with a mountainside that threatens to demolish their cabin.

Next, they head to the Delta Junction of Alaska where a family is unprepared for the brutal winter ahead.

Don’t miss the episode that takes place in Virginia. Some new homesteaders are in over their heads. The only shelter they have is an old school bus. But that is not the only thing failing them. Their 11-acre garden is not producing food. They are struggling. Can they be saved?

Lastly, The Raney family deals with their first failure. In Washington State, homesteaders are dealing with a crumbling cabin with winter coming on strong. Do the Raneys run out of time?  You will have to watch to find out!

Discovery Star Now Author!

Marty Raney is also the author of Homestead Survival: An Insider’s Guide To Your Great Escape. This book was published by Tarcher/Perigee back in September 2022.

This guide will help potential homesteaders make a plan before they set out to live a free life.

When Is The Premiere Of Homestead Rescue?

The premiere of Homestead Rescue is on Tuesday, February 28, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.


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  1. I enjoyed the article about one of my favs, Homestead Rescue. I am so glad they are coming on February 28!! Cheers to the Raney’s 🎉🎊

  2. After reading that your new season will start on February 28, 2023, we were relieved because we thought we were watching the new season for the last couple of nights. The problem with the last 2 or so episodes that we have watched is that the filming is so disjointed and confusing that we were thinking you must have gotten a new crew. We were watching tonight, February 22nd with the Matt and Laura Bowes couple who want to have a home suitable for a foster child and it is so disappointing to not be able to follow the Raney’s rescue plans. The filming is so bad that one cannot tell what scene is being talked about as the camera goes from one action to another with the dialog of a person not being the right one for that scene. PLEASE tell us that this was just a miss-step in your production, because the past episodes have been fantastic.

  3. This is my favorite show on tv. I love the Raneys. They are so kind,loving and has the biggest hearts. So much like Angels. I always cry with them when I look at this show. I tell so many people about Homestead Rescue. Thanks to all of you who brought it back. My husband loves it too. We love you Raney family. Such a inspiration to me and my husband. Thanks for helping all those needed families. Wish I could meet them one day.

  4. Homestead Rescue Is my favorite tv show. The Raneys are so kind and has a good heart. My husband and I thinks of them as Angels. We have watched all their episodes. Thanks for producing this wonderful show. They are a inspiration to us. Thanks to the Raneys for helping others. God Bless.

  5. There’s nothing anyone can say that could make me believe anything negative about the Raneys, I see dedication, hard work, genuine love, care and concern for every person they help. The episode about the pigs, I watched, what I saw is a family who needed the help but their perception and their own ego got in the mix, the raneys did nothing but help. people are so sue happy it’s ridiculous, all they want is money, that’s bullshit. No person indicated that he was uneducated at raising his pigs, they simply gave them a way to help so they weren’t compromised, but obviously his ego and money are more important than his homestead and his pigs. I am disabled, I need help, and one day if that happens, never would my pride and ego get in the way. I feel a lawyer should have something drawn up to protect the Raney family against this type of thing and be signed by every homesteader and it is pathetic that it has to come to this. Raney family I adore you, I wish to God I had a family like you, I cry every episode, gets those heart strings, and I don’t care if this is made public, now I didn’t re-read it so hope I spelled right and all! love mitchell family

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