‘SW’: Janelle Brown Spills Her On-The-Go Revenge Body Secrets

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Sister Wives cast member, Janelle Brown has made some very big changes in her life since she announced that she was leaving Kody Brown. Janelle and Kody were married for many years but as soon as third wife Christine left him, it seemed to be inevitable that Janelle would follow. The two ladies have gotten very close over the years and they sell Plexus products together. This is one of the ways that they have started to drop the extra weight. Now Janelle is sharing some great new videos with her fans about losing weight and finding that motivation.

Janelle Brown’s Newest Tips

Recently on Janelle’s Instagram account, she shared a video of herself while she was sitting in her car. She has just finished a hard session at the gym. Janelle wanted to share this side of herself with her fans. Her face was red and she wasn’t wearing makeup. She had her hair pulled back and she was wearing a headband. In the video, she told her fans, “You know, one thing I’ve been really grateful for as I’ve traveled more and more to Maddie’s is I find a gym that I can continue to workout in.”

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush lives in North Carolina and is expecting her third child. Of course, Janelle wants to spend as much time as possible with them. She added, “Because I’m gonna be here for a little bit, a couple of weeks, I actually hired a trainer, and that is new for me. But I knew that I had to have the accountability to get my butt to the gym.” From the looks of it, it is very important that Janelle keeps off the weight and stays healthy, even while she is on vacation.

Keeping The Weight Off

Both Christine and Janelle are working hard on losing more weight. They have been very motivated since leaving Kody and moving on with their lives. Janelle has been pushing the Plexus products on her social media account. She has also been showing off her new revenge body! In one of her latest posts, she showed off her curves while having a Live chat with her fans. Her fans applauded her for how great she looks these days. There were even fans that told her that she looked like Marilyn Monroe now that she has gotten this weight off.

With all of her fans cheering her on, Janelle Brown is ready to take on losing more weight! She is highly motivated and a great spokesmodel for her fans going through similar things right now. It does seem as if hard work and the gym are really working out in her favor.

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

What do you think of Janelle’s weight loss? We love to hear your comments below. Stay here, at TV Shows Ace, for more Sister Wives.


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