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Janelle Brown Owner Of New Weight Loss Company, Details

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Janelle Brown is now the owner of a new weight loss company. This goes along with her wellness business, Strive with Janelle. Yet, what are the exact details of this new venture? Read on for everything that is known so far.

Janelle Brown Owner Of New Weight Loss Company, Details

Since she started to part ways with her husband, Kody Brown, Janelle has become very serious about her fitness. Along with her former sister wife, Christine, the two have made health a priority. They both promote Plexus along with Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush. Furthermore, they have both stepped out of the box and tried new and exciting workouts. Janelle has even gone axe throwing which seems like a fun stress reliever. Now, the mother of six has started her own weight loss company.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

According to The Sun, Janelle registered her new company, JANELLE BROWN PLEXUS LLC, on November 29, 2022. The Sister Wives star has a business address and that is where she has registered this new business. Furthermore, she has a retail trade business, NTYK LLC registered to that address as well. She is not the only one who has a similar LLC. Christine registered hers back in March of last year under PLEXUS WITH CHRISTINE LLC.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

Both women have lost a lot of weight through their weight loss supplement. However, Janelle Brown has proudly lost 100 pounds since she started her fitness journey. She has been inspiring her followers to put themselves first and to try new things daily. So, it would make sense that she would make this her official business. Yet, fans cannot forget that a handful of years back, she started her website Strive with Janelle. There, she offered wellness coaching and more to aid with weight loss.

Living Her Best Life

Janelle Brown was really nervous when she was contemplating leaving Kody. She did not own anything whereas her sister wives all had something in their names. Meri owned her B&B while Christine owned her Flagstaff home. Finally, Robyn had a lavish mansion so she was well taken care of. This was why Janelle was so adamant that they build on Coyote Pass so that she could have her own home and a legacy for her kids. Finally, she reached a breaking point with Kody and appeared to leave, not caring what she did or did not have.

Now, she continues to be successful in her wellness business and owns another business. Janelle has something that is hers and is making her own living, which is something that she has always done. One thing that should be noted is that her new business is registered in Arizona so it does not seem like she will be leaving there any time soon.

Are you surprised that Janelle Brown now owns a Plexus business? Let us know in the comments below.

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