Shania Twain Gives Sexy Cruella De Vil Vibes At 2023 Grammys

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Country music singing sensation, Shania Twain, certainly turned heads with her zany black and white Grammys 2023 outfit with just a pop of color. What wild outfit did she wear to the award ceremony? What did people have to say about it? Keep reading for the details.

Celebrities Turn Heads

Award ceremonies give celebrities a chance to shine in outfits meant to stun and turn heads. One of the most iconic outfits at this year’s Grammys belongs to best-selling country pop singer Shania Twain. While other stars dazzled in colorful Swarovski-covered jumpsuits, feathers, and other vintage styles, Shania Twain stunned took a Cruella de Vil approach to her award ceremony ensemble. 

Shania Twain on 'This Morning.'

The Grammys 2023 

For celebrities, an award ceremonies double as a chance to walk down the fashion runway. This year was no exception. Shania Twain, however, commaneded the attention of everyone when she showed to walk the red carpet. The singer glittered from top to bottom in an incredible wide-legged pants suit of black and white polka dots and sequins. On social media, some fans of Shania Twain instantly felt like it was a cow-print inspired ensemble. Others, however, admit it felt like Cruella de Vil from the Disney universe created the outfit. 

As fans know, the country singer has been experimenting with her hair.  In December 2022, she paired a leopard outfit with temporarily dyed pale pink hair. For the Grammys ceremony, the Canadian singer wore a towering top hat on a new bright red wig. 

When asked about her new and daring style, Shania laughingly told reporters that she was having a great time with her looks. She pointed to the last few years of isolation and darkness of the Covid pandemic. She felt like it was time to break out of the darkness and into a new life colored with bright colors.

Shania said she wanted to wear a splash of color and fun. Supposedly, she found inspiration in fellow singer Harry Styles’s own fashion choices. His multicolored jumpsuit has been referred to as “clown core.” Shania posted on her official Instagram account that she had come out to play and have fun at the Grammys. It seems she did exactly what she set out to do and everyone’s talking about her.

The After-Party 

At the Grammy’s after-party, Shania Twain surprised everyone by showing up in a completely different outfit. Still wearing the bright red wig, she switched into an all-black leather outfit. She matched it with black high heel booties, soft pink lipstick, and a bright smile. Just days before the Grammys Shania had dyed her typically brown hair a bright platinum blonde and proved that she can look incredible no matter what she was wearing or what color her hair is.


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While Shania wasn’t there to get an award herself, she was a presenter at this year’s 65th Grammys. She has been nominated 18 times during her 40-year music career. She has won five Grammys, including twice for Best Country Song.  The musician has nabbed over 200 awards and has been nominated for many more. Shania has been named one of the best female country artists of all time. Several of her albums have been certified as both platinum and diamond. By 2023, she has sold over 80 million albums worldwide.  

What did you think of Shania Twain’s Grammy’s outfit this year? Let us know in the comments down below.

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