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Tammy Slaton Snaps On Therapist In Heated Session

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1000-Lb Sisters cast member, Tammy Slaton, is working hard on getting to her goal weight. She has started to exercise again and she has been watching what she eats. Tammy has had multiple health scares where her family felt as if she was going to end up dead. These health scares have boosted her motivation a bit too. In fact, she knows that she wants weight loss surgery, but now she has to get some signatures. One of the signatures that she needs is from her therapist. So far, these two do not see eye to eye.

Tammy Slaton’s Bad Attitude With Her Therapist

Part of Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey is to get her therapist to sign off on her weight loss surgery. This means that she will meet with her for six sessions. These sessions will track Tammy’s weight loss and how she is feeling. In the newest episode, Tammy will actually snap at her therapist. TLC’s Instagram account shared the clip for the new episode and fans were shocked at what they saw!

In the clip, Tammy had just received news that her home had been robbed and ransacked. She also found out that Amy Halterman’s dog, Little Bit had died. She was feeling very upset and overwhelmed. Tammy told the cameras that today wasn’t the day to talk to her therapist. As they spoke to one another, her therapist wanted to know why she wasn’t as talkative as in the last session. Tammy then lashed out at her and told her, “Don’t analyze me.” Her therapist told her that is her job.

Fans React To Tammy’s Outburst

As soon as her fans saw this clip, they wanted to share their comments. Most of them wrote about how Tammy Slaton really needs to stop having an attitude toward people who want to help her. One fan wrote, “So she’s unwilling to talk to the therapist but she’s willing to talk to the camera person for the show? Makes no sense at all to me. The entitlement rudeness Tammy displays is unreal.” An additional fan wrote, “Let’s not forget HER FAMILY also enabled her to act this way. So yes it’s Tammy not them as well.” A final fan added, “It is so frustrating watching so many people give her all this help, and no doubt because of the show it is free, and she has no intention of doing the work to improve her life. There are so many people that would jump at this chance and she is just being lazy and had no intention of changing.”

Tammy Slaton- YouTube
Tammy Slaton- YouTube

Will Tammy be able to get to her goal weight so that she can get the weight loss surgery? What do you think of her poor attitude? We would like to hear what you think below in the comments. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters. 



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