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Shocking Preview Shows Tammy Slaton Exercising Towards Goals

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A new season of 1000-LB. Sisters is on right now and fans are watching as Tammy Slaton works to finally reach her goals. In a new preview for the show, Tammy is looking unstoppable.

Tammy Slaton exercises toward her goals

Last season on 1000-LB Sisters, Tammy Slaton almost lost her life. The TLC star fell down a hole of drinking, doing drugs, and binge eating before she finally hit rock bottom and ended up in the hospital. During the show, her family makes it clear that they thought they lost their sister. However, Tammy’s life was spared and she ended up being okay.

After this major scare, Tammy made the decision to admit herself to rehab. On last week’s episode of the show, it was revealed that Tammy has lost over 100 lbs. However, at the end of the episode, Tammy learns that she has gained ten of those pounds back.

Tammy Slaton | Youtube
Tammy Slaton | Youtube

It seems that Tammy’s future could be bleak, however, in a new preview shared by TLC, Tammy still seems to be working hard at losing weight so she can get approved for weight loss surgery. Instead of exercise being the issue, now, it’s therapy.

“Tammy continues exercising and going to therapy, to get approved for weight loss surgery, but she is still not talking much in therapy. #1000lbSisters,” the network writes in their post.

In the first clip, Tammy can be seen exercising. However, after that, it cuts to Tammy at therapy where she makes her dislike for talking to people very known. This was a common theme in earlier seasons with Tammy too so it’s no surprise that she isn’t one for talking about her problems with a therapist. 

People tear Tammy apart

Despite her efforts thus far, people in the comments are still unsure that Tammy is fully committed to losing the weight.

“Tammy needs to learn how to be vulnerable. She’s in a hospital with a tube in her throat. It’s time to humble yourself a little,” one person writes.

“How do you gain 10 pounds in a supervised structured environment??” Another asks.

Overall, it seems that Tammy will have to continue working to better herself for herself.

Are you watching the new season of the show? What do you think about Tammy Slaton and her new appearance? Is she finally going to reach her goals? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite TLC stars.

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