‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg BEGS To See Nudes Of Co-Host

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she wanted to see nude photos of her co-host. It took place during a recent broadcast of The View. Find out what sparked this conversation. Keep on reading for all the saucy details.

Whoopi Goldberg wants nudes

On Thursday’s broadcast of The View, Whoopi Goldberg asked one of her co-hosts to bring the illicit photos out of hiding. Someone on the panel admitted to taking nude photos of themselves. The panel talked about risque home decorations. A woman shocked her friends when she had a “giant nude painting of herself on the wall.”

The View Panel [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Whoopi asked the panel what they would do in that case. One of the co-hosts called it “freaky” while another called it “awkward.” Whoopi said the woman shouldn’t go over to her friend’s house if it’s uncomfortable for her. That’s when Joy Behar admitted that she has a nude of herself in her house somewhere.

“It could be a conversation starter…” she admitted. “I mean, I have a picture in my house of…”

Whoopi Goldberg cut off her co-host. She wanted to know more details. In fact, she wanted to see the photos for herself. The comedian was so excited about the idea that she invited herself to Joy’s house.

“If you tell me you have naked pictures of you in your house, I’m coming over tomorrow!” Whoopi Goldberg admitted.

Joy Behar [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Joy laughed and refused the idea. She admitted that she doesn’t hang her nude photos on her wall. One photo that she hung up in her house is of the late Barbara Walters with her hand over Joy’s mouth. Whoopi was wide awake during that racy conversation.

Most of the time, the moderator looks bored and checked out during the hot topic segments. She particularly doesn’t like talking about dating and relationships. Fans notice whenever Whoopi Goldberg is disinterested and engages with the audience instead.

Losing interest in political topics?

On Tuesday’s broadcast, Whoopi Goldberg was called out by fans for checking out of the conversation. During one topic about politics, she looked away from the panel. She looked bored during the conversation. Whoopi was happy and relieved when it came time for the commercial break.

  • “Wait a minute. The opening segment left Whoopi speechless. The way she cut to commercial.”
  • “Whoopi’s reaction and then going to commercial! Of COURSE!”
  • “This is one of those days where Whoopi comes out at 11:00AM; hears some of the commentary and is completely over it by 11:10AM. it’s hilarious to watch.”
  • “Whoopi is so over it.”
  • “Why was Whoopi so rude during that conversation?”

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg begging to see one of her co-host’s nudes? Do you think it was inappropriate? Sound off below in the comment section.

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