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‘The View’ Fans RELIEVED Over Whoopi Goldberg’s Absence

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Chanel Adams

Whoopi Goldberg went MIA from The View. Fans breathed a sigh of relief during one of the conversations. Whoopi wasn’t present during the latest broadcast of the ABC daytime talk show, which is normal for the moderator. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View discusses International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Whoopi Goldberg has been under fire for her comments about the Holocaust and the Jewish community. Just a year ago today, ABC suspended her for two weeks for the insensitive comments she made. Those comments came up again when Whoopi sat down for an interview with The Times UK to promote her new film Till. The interview went viral last month and had many fans and Jewish leaders calling for her firing from the talk show.

Joy Behar [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
During the interview, Whoopi Goldberg told the publication why she made those comments. She claims that many of her Jewish friends wonder whether they’re a religion or a race. On Friday’s broadcast of The View, fans were relieved to see that Whoopi wasn’t there. Her co-hosts discussed International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“78th anniversary of the liberation of the infamous Nazi concentration camp: Auschwitz-Birkenau,” Joy Behar explained.

International Holocaust Remembrance [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
She revealed that January 27th was called “International Holocaust Remembrance Day,” which “honors the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.” She also recalled the “millions of other victims, of the brutal Nazi regime.” Most of Friday’s broadcast featured Daniel Patt, who is a Jewish software engineer who founded the website From Numbers to Names. He created the website to “help [Holocaust] descendants piece together their shattered family history.”

Most of the episode was dedicated to International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Viewers at home learned about the tragic event. They also listened to voices in the Jewish community. Some were happy that Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t around during the live show.

Fans relieved over Whoopi Goldberg’s absence

During the episode, fans took to Twitter to react. Most of them were relieved over Whoopi Goldberg’s absence from the panel. They were glad that she wasn’t there to share more insensitive comments that could get her into trouble. Some wonder if either the comedian or the show planned it that way.

  • “Do you think it is a coincidence that Whoopi is not at The View for Holocaust Remembrance Day in light of her ‘anti-Semitic’ rhetoric?” one fan asked.
  • “No coincidences ever.”
  • “I’m glad Whoopi isn’t there today for this.”
  • “Production meeting: ‘So let’s do the Holocaust segment on Friday when Whoopi is gone so it doesn’t blow up… again…”
  • “Whoopi doesn’t work on Fridays…”

The actress has apologized for the numerous comments she made. However, most fans think she should be fired from the talk show. The panelist expressed gratitude for keeping her position. She’s also been focused on other projects and side hustles during this time.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg being absent from Friday’s show? Do you think it was intentional? Or, do you think it was just a coincidence? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. The whole show needs cancel they most racist show whoopie not only one make nasty comments!!!!!!!! I love whoopie❤️

    1. Don’t you DARE play the race card here when the real racist is Whoopi. Oh wait, my race doesn’t exist according to her MULTIPLE TIMES. I’m just white, right? My great great grandparents being turned to ash while their son watched was white on white violence. She sure used a Jewish name to make her bones in comedy and get ahead…and then she spit on us! You are an offensive peice of work. Just like your idol. Being black doesn’t give her a pass to be racist. But watch. This site will leave your racist BS up and not post this. That’s a double standard and prejudice at work. Stop promoting the elimination of the Jewish people.

  2. Whoopi is very prejudice….especially against white people. it’s disgusting. That whole show needs to be canceled!!!

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