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When Does Hulu’s New Crime Docuseries ‘Stolen Youth’ Premiere?

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Hulu’s new crime docuseries Stolen Youth: Inside The Cult At Sarah Lawrence will soon premiere on the streamer. With true crime documentaries getting more subscribers to various streamers, Hulu is also experimenting with such stories. This mini docuseries, directed by Academy Award-nominated Zachary Heinzerling, will feature first-hand interviews with the victims along with several verified audio recordings. So, when will this true-crime docuseries premiere on Hulu? Keep reading to find out the details.

Stolen Youth Details The Origin Of Larry Ray’s Cult

The Stolen Youth mini-series tells the tale of Larry Ray’s grim influence over a group of young people and how they were manipulated over a decade. The three-part series showcases the story of the origin of the cult in 2010. The cult originated on the Sarah Lawrence campus until its demise recently after the remaining members found their own paths to survival. It details the various cases of manipulation and abuse.

Larry Ray Stolen Youth YouTube Hulu

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This upcoming docuseries gives the audience access to the exact details of the dire situations these students faced as a part of the cult. However, from the trailer, it is clear that the series might not be for the faint of heart.

When Does Stolen Youth Premiere On Hulu?

Stolen Youth focuses on a heavy subject matter with incredibly dark details that might trigger some viewers. However, it is a must-watch for fans of true crime stories. As reported by Meaww, the series is set to premiere in the U.S. on February 9, 2023, on Hulu. Outside of the United States, it will premiere on Disney+.

Stolen Youth YouTube Hulu

[Source: YouTube]

Stolen Youth details the abuses faced by the victims of the perpetrator and cult leader Ray. In 2010, when the cult was formed, Larry Ray resided with his daughter Talia Ray in the Sarah Lawrence College dorm room. This is where Ray pulled several students into his sex cult. As per the show’s official description, the docuseries will bring forth the victims’ accounts of how they were mind controlled and abused in plain sight.

Larry Ray Was Sentenced To 60 Years In Life Imprisonment

After the truth about the cult was discovered, Ray was convicted on 15 counts including violent assault, sex trafficking, and money laundering. He could also face a maximum of life in prison. This decade-long incident of abuse and mind control was investigated by The New Yorker. They tapped into Ray’s influence over his daughter’s classmates. He was also convicted of forced labor, extortion, conspiracy, and racketeering on April 6, 2022.

Before handing down a 60 years life imprisonment sentence, Judge Lewis Liman said, “Mr. Ray’s conduct, in this case, was particularly aggravating, his crimes particularly heinous.”


Stolen Youth YouTube Hulu

[Source: YouTube]

Limon explained that Ray robbed his victims of their memories, self-worth, and ultimately, their bodies. He added that the perpetrator was an evil genius who could easily break his victims.

“It was sadism pure and simple, “the judge explained of the torture Ray inflicted on one of his victims.

Are you awaiting the premiere of Stolen Youth: Inside The Cult At Sarah Lawrence on Hulu? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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