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‘How I Caught My Killer’ Premieres On Hulu, What Is It?

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Hulu fans have seen some great new shows coming to the network! Finally, for fans of true crime, the network is bringing How I Caught My Killer this month. Hulu made an announcement this week on their social media accounts. This show will highlight cases that have been solved with the help of social media. It will focus on how nine different cases were solved using cell phone towers and diaries. These victims thought ahead and even though they were killed, they found justice for themselves.

Hulu Breaks Out With Top-Quality Programming

Hulu has been working hard on becoming one of the favorite networks of its viewers. They have released many true crime shows in the last year, including the series, Candy. Candy starred Jessica Biel in a very shocking role. Additionally, this true crime series was based on true events. The way that Biel and Hulu captured this story was brilliant, according to viewers.

This isn’t the only true crime series that Hulu has mastered. An additional show in the true crime realm is Welcome to Chippendales. This true crime series is all about Steve Banerjee, who was the founder of the famous Chippendales dancers. There is murder and mystery in this series and for the most part, Hulu viewers have given it praise. With these two true crime shows, Hulu feels that the sky is the limit and they are ready to share How I Caught My Killer.

How I Caught My Killer- Hulu
How I Caught My Killer- Hulu

How I Caught My Killer Premiere

Hulu, the network that brought you the Kardashian reboot, is also ready to share How I Caught My Killer this month with viewers. With nine parts in this series, fans will learn about each victim. These victims were actually able to help police solve their murders from beyond the grave. However, the victims’ use of social media is what helped lead the police in these crimes.

One example of the stories on the show features a victim who lived in Vancouver, Washington. Nikki, a woman from Vancouver, Washington disappeared and her mother was very concerned.  Additionally, she was very active on social media, especially on Instagram, and was frequently showing this off to her mother. As soon as her mother realized that she hadn’t heard from her in quite some time, she began to check her Instagram account. Instead of seeing her daughter’s popular account, there was nothing, as if she had vanished into thin air.

Indeed, her social media accounts are what led the police to track down her killer. If her mother hadn’t let them know about her daughter’s Instagram account, who knows what would have happened?

How I Caught My Killer- Hulu
How I Caught My Killer- Hulu

Are you ready to watch How I Caught My Killer? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below and stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for even more on Hulu!

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