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Ana Navarro Nearly Faints Over Shocking News Story

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Ana Navarro admitted that she had to be picked up from the floor. She nearly dropped her jaw when she saw that she made the news again. The View co-host showed her fans and followers a shocking news story she came across. Find out what’s got her asking fans to “call 911” for her.

The View co-host is in shock by what she sees

On Wednesday, February 1, Ana Navarro shared a screenshot of a shocking news story she came across. She posted a headline from The U.S. Sun that reads: “The View’s Ana Navarro flaunts her trim figure in a skintight black dress for sexy new pics from elite Miami wedding.”

Ana Navarro [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
It shows two photos of Ana Navarro in a black off-the-shoulder evening gown with a sweetheart neckline. TV Shows Ace reported on the photos and the event she attended. However, Ana was focused on two words that stood out to her. She circled “trim figure” in red, as she exclaimed her disbelief in the caption.

“Holy sh*t! Does that say ‘trim figure’?” Ana Navarro wrote in her Instagram post. “Believe me, I’m far, far, far from trim but when you’ve struggled with your weight your whole life, you’ll take any little victory, even if it’s a stretch. Somebody please call 911. I need to be picked-up off the floor.”

Ana Navarro Shares Shocking News [Ana Navarro | Instagram]
[Ana Navarro | Instagram]
Fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them agreed that Ana looks great these days. Others argued that she always looked beautiful. They had nothing but kind words to say about her.

  • “You look beautiful…”
  • “You are beautiful periodt!”
  • “You’re looking fabulous. I need to know what you’re doing.”
  • “You look Fab-u-lous, Girl!!!!! Love you, Ana!!!”
  • “Work it girl! You are always to me. Love you spirit.”
  • “You look fabulous girl. Love that dress.”

Ana Navarro shares another headline

Yesterday, Ana Navarro posted another headline to her Instagram feed. She shared a news story with the following headline: “Ana Navarro claims Florida parents should be ‘more concerned’ with book bans than mom with an OnlyFans account.”

She wrote in her caption: “Yes, @foxnews. That is what I said. And? Where is the lie?”

Ana Navarro Shares Headline [Ana Navarro | Instagram]
[Ana Navarro | Instagram]
Some of Ana Navarro’s fans share their support. They wanted to know why it made the news and why it was such a big deal. Others told her to “keep it real.” Others supported Ana for being a Republican without non-extremist views. Ana received support from fans when she joined the ABC daytime talk show in September 2022.

What are your thoughts on Ana Navarro nearly fainting over a shocking news story? Do you agree that she looked great at the Miami wedding? What do you thoughts about her weight loss? Sound off below in the comment section.

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