Ana Navarro Gets Pushy With Co-Hosts, Demands To Be Heard

Ana Navarro The View YouTube

The View host Ana Navarro got pushy with her co-hosts in the latest episode demanding to be heard. Sharing her opinion on a controversial political topic, the ABC commentator ensured she was interrupted by none. Why did the 51-year-old get brash with her co-hosts? Keep reading to find out the details!

Ana Navarro Jokes About Joe Biden’s Classified Documents

On Friday, the talk show started with a heated political subject that had Ana Navarro all riled up. As the discussion started, the political strategist had a lot to say. The debate started with her co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin sharing her bit on the topic that discussed President Joe Biden’s classified documents. After Alyssa said her piece, other hosts started sharing their opinion as well.

Ana Navarro The View YouTube

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However, Sunny Hostin didn’t agree with Alyssa regarding the timeline of the events. Moreover, her co-host Sara Haines agreed with this point made by Sunny about the investigation system. Soon, Ana Navarro decided to give the discussion a funny angle trying to lighten things.

The Republican Party member quipped, “These documents are at least six to seven years old- nobody was missing them for seven years.”

Ana Navarro Gets Interrupted by Co-Host Sunny Hostin

As the audience chuckled at her remark, she continued, “Biden could have easily flushed them down the toilet, have his crazy German Shephard eat them, or burnt them in the fireplace-but he didn’t, he self-reported.”

The Emmy Award nominee continued to compare the differences and similarities between Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s classified document investigations. As per The Sun, this is when Sunny jumped in asking, “Were they in a toilet bowl?”

Ana Navarro The View YouTube

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Swatting her hands in the air, Ana Navarro asked Sunny, “No! Let me finish, no, they weren’t in a toilet bowl.” With this remark, she continued explaining her point in the very awkward on-air moment.

However, this isn’t the first time Ana Navarro has snapped at her co-hosts on air. Earlier this month, Ana snapped at Sara over a tense conversation. In the episode actress, Rita Wilson visited The View set to discuss the movie A Man Called Otto. The film, which also stars her husband Tom Hanks, explores a fussy old man that struggles to understand and empathize with his new neighbors.

Ana Navarro Claps Back At Co-Host Sara Haines

During the interview, Rita discussed the difficulties her parents faced as Americans with accents like the role played by Tom Hanks in the movie. However, with a sly grin, Ana Navarro interrupted the conversation and said, “Try having an accent and being on TV every day.”

The View journalist also admitted that she is often told by trolls to move back to Mexico because some people fail to realize that there is more than one country in Latin America. While the audience applauded Ana, Sara chimed in, “And she’s Nicaraguan!”

Ana Navarro The View YouTube

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However, Ana Navarro quickly clapped back and revealed that she is American causing Sara to quickly apologize and change the topic immediately.

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