‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Nine Costumes For New Season

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The Masked Singer is back in just over two weeks for its new season. The reality singing competition is already promoting the return of the show. Nine new costumes for Season 9 have been revealed.

Here is a look at the nine new costumes and what fans might expect from the new season of the popular singing competition series.

The Masked Singer Season 9 releases nine new costumes

So far, heading into Season 9, The Masked Singer has revealed nine new costumes for the celeb singers. The first new costume announcement came with the costumes competing in the first week of the season. Those four competitors included French Hen, Doll, Axolotl, and Moose.

The Masked Singer / YouTube

While the full look of the new costumes has not been revealed completely, there was a hint on Instagram to the first four new costumes, with each one peaking its head out from a barrier.

The French Hen is a brown bird with a beret, an orange beak, and a pink tongue. Then, the Doll has a blue face and a stitched-up mouth with red-button eyes, and a hat with feathers on it. Moose is a giant brown costume with huge orange antlers. Finally, there is Axolotl, a pink amphibian with large eyes and a smile on its face.

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There were also five more costumes revealed, although no images were shown for them. These five new costumes were Mustang, Dandelion, Gargoyle, California Roll, and Jackalope. These were revealed in a new trailer for The Masked Singer Season 9. While it revealed the costume names, the video did not show them.


What fans can expect from The Masked Singer Season 9

Last season, The Masked Singer had a new format that ruined a lot of the fun of watching the series. The water cooler discussions about who could be in each costume were eliminated last season. Instead of having costumed singers move on to further weeks and fans debating who was in each costume, all but one went home in every episode.

Ken Jeong [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
By the time fans fell for a costume, the singer was already gone. There were still some singers to guess, but these were few and far between. By the end of the season, there was a great finale with Amber Riley beating Wilson Phillips, easily one of the best star-studded finales in the show’s history.

From the look of it, the format might remain the same, with The Masked Singer still removing the fun of guessing the singers’ identities. However, one thing the show is keeping that should help maintain one level of fun are theme nights. So far, the themed nights announced include ABBA, New York, Country, 80s Nights, and Superhero.

What do you think about the new costumes for The Masked Singer Season 9? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sadly we can’t get the US Masked Singer in the UK anymore. Really annoying as would really like to watch it.

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