‘The Masked Singer’ Announces Season 9 Release Date

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The Masked Singer has announced its Season 9 release date. The show promises “crying,” “singing” and “freaking out” in the new season, so it will be pretty much what fans have come to expect. Here is what you need to know about the next season of the hit singing competition series.

When does The Masked Singer Season 9 premiere?

Fox announced the new release date for The Masked Singer in a post on Instagram. In the post, the caption read, “CRYING, SINGING, FREAKING OUT.” In the image itself was the logo for the hit reality show and the words, “Season Premiere Wednesday Feb 15.”

The Masked Singer / YouTube

That means there is just a little over a month away from the new season of the reality TV series. However, while the fans in the comments seemed excited about the return, many of them had one request. They didn’t want the same format as Season 8.

In Season 8, The Masked Singer changed things up and the format took away a lot of the fun from the past seasons. Instead of fans commenting on who might be under each costume from week to week, only one person moved on each week. Then, everyone else unmasked on the same show they were introduced.

It allowed there to be more contestants last season than ever before. That also allowed a lot of fun when it came to different people unmasking each week. However, with the elimination of the guessing game for fans and the panel, The Masked Singer lost what made it fun.

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What can we expect from the new season of The Masked Singer?

Filming for The Masked Singer is underway and there will be one major change this season from the past few. Each episode of the show will be shorter television tapings than they used to be. As usual, the show will tape the entire season in advance with ND agreements with the audience to keep everything a secret.

The tapings begin on Monday, January 23, and will stretch until Sunday, February 19. This means the show will be taping even after the premiere airs on Fox on February 15. The tapings invitation also indicates there will be past characters appearing on the show on top of the all-new Season 9 characters.

Ken Jeong [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
However, outside of the premiere date and the episode taping dates, there has been no news released yet by Fox or the producers on what the new season of The Masked Singer will look like. There have been plenty of changes to the format over the years. Yet, one just has to hope that it will return to the fun guessing game format for the new season.

Are you excited about the new season of The Masked Singer? What do you hope to see this time around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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