Janelle Brown Jests About Her Innocent Youth

Janelle Brown/YouTube

Janelle Brown is poking fun at her innocent youth. She recently made light of this in her Instagram story while at home one evening. So, what prompted the walk down memory lane? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Jests About Her Innocent Youth

There have been a lot of changes in Janelle Brown’s life since she left Kody Brown and the plural family. Gradually, she has been taking steps to improve herself through diet and exercise. However, she also appreciates her downtime. There was a stretch where she was so amped to watch the streaming series, Reacher. Now, she is poking fun at her innocent youth over the series’ that Peacock has to offer. After traveling to North Carolina for the holidays and most recently Disney, the mother of six is taking time to kick back.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

Janelle Brown recently took to her Instagram story to share that she was watching Peacock. More so, she noted that she loved the streaming service for a particular reason. With a screengrab of The Six Million Dollar Man, Janelle had this to say. “I love Peacock streaming. So many old shows. I have to say I missed all the drama and innuendo when I watched as a kid. Went right over my head,” she shared.

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The Six Million Dollar Man originally aired from 1973 to 1978 so Janelle would have been around four when it began. Therefore, growing up with it and watching reruns, she clearly would not have appreciated it as much as she does today. Peacock has a bunch of classic shows to watch including Cheers, Father Knows Best, and That Girl, to name a few. Plus, it has a bevy of new series for fans of all genres to enjoy so Janelle Brown has her hands full.

Having Her Hands Full

Janelle Brown is such a busy woman, it’s amazing she can take the time to enjoy a little television. After all of her traveling, she is back to working out and preparing for her next grandbaby to be born. Her daughter, Maddie Brush is due next month with her third child. Janelle frequents North Carolina to be with Maddie and her two children, Axel and Evie. Therefore, she will most likely make the trek to be present for the baby’s arrival. Additionally, her Plexus crew of Maddie, Christine Brown, and Molly Hopkins are preparing for a retreat so there’s a lot on her plate. Never too much for a little streaming service time.

Are there any shows that you watch now that went over your head as a child? Which ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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