‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Gets New Ears

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has gotten herself some new ears. Yet what does that mean exactly? More so, why did she feel the need to get new ears when her original ones seemed perfectly fine? Read on for clarification and more details.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Gets New Ears

Janelle Brown is living her best life since leaving her marriage to Kody Brown. She had been his second wife for nearly thirty years. Then, during the Season 17 tell-all, she confirmed that the two had separated. More so, Janelle reiterated how happy she was since she had left the marriage. Now, she and her youngest child, Savanah have ventured to Orlando for a fun Disney excursion. It was there, the mother of six seemingly got a new body part.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

In her Instagram stories, Janelle Brown shared that she got a pair of ears. Disney ears that is which is really a right of passage while visiting any of the four parks. She posted a beaming selfie while wearing an oversized pair of sunglasses, her bangs swept to the side. On her head, she has a bedazzled pair of Mickey ears. The caption reads: “Savanah talked me into actually wearing a pair of ears :).”

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This is not the first time Janelle Brown has stepped out of the box for this Disney vacation. She shared another snap prior to going away that involved her nails. Rather than just get a basic manicure, she went for designs that included polka dots and a white Mickey Mouse head. It was something that she typically does not do but was willing to switch it up a bit. This has all transpired since she made the decision to leave her plural marriage but mainly her husband Kody.

Living A New Life

Janelle Brown has rarely sat still since the holidays. Since it came out that she and Kody parted ways, Janelle has been a woman on the go. Along with her Plexus business that she runs with her daughter, Maddie, and former sister wife, Christine, she loves to visit family. This includes the aforementioned Maddie who lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children. She also has another baby, a girl, anticipated to arrive next month.

Janelle Brown/YouTube

Janelle and Savanah spent the recent holidays in North Carolina but only had a short time back in Flagstaff. They did a health reset and then were off to Disney for a mother/daughter bonding trip. Though it has been chilly, it seems like the two ladies have been having a great time. Plus, Janelle earned her ears so that makes it even better.

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