‘SW’: Janelle Brown Embraces A Pleasant Change

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is having the time of her life and embracing a pleasant change after her separation from Kody Brown. Over the weekend, the mother of six shared a fun picture with her youngest daughter, Savanah Brown. This comes after the 53-year-old inspired others by showing off her impressive progress in the gym. So, what is this pleasant change she is embracing? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle Brown Is Loving Her Day Away From The Gym

The TLC star has been working hard and sweating it out to attain a healthy weight. However, she took a break from her workout routine to have fun with Savanah on a trip to Disney Parks in Orlando. On Sunday, the reality star shared a selfie with her daughter. She captioned the Instagram story, “First day at Disney parks in the books. It was cold! I’ve never been to Orlando and had to wear a jacket the WHOLE day. Nice change from sweating all day I will say.”

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Janelle Brown and Savanah have been awaiting this trip for quite some time. Over the week, the TV star prepped and pampered herself for the outing. She took to her Instagram stories to share with fans her attempt at Disney-themed nail art. More so, she shared that this was something outside the box that she wouldn’t have done on a regular day. However, this is a special trip for the mother-daughter duo after Janelle’s split from Kody became public news with the Tell-All episodes.

Janelle Brown Was Ripped Off By Kody And Robyn

Sister Wives fans feel the separation has been good for her. Now, she is focusing more on what makes her happy instead of being ripped off financially and emotionally by Kody and his favorite wife, Robyn. While all other wives have some or other forms of assets, Janelle has none. The reality star had to live in an RV as she struggled to get her finances together. She lived on the family land with no water or electricity with Savannah.

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Back in November, she revealed, “I have gotten myself into a very stupid position as far as an independent woman. If I were to leave, or want to leave right now, I would have no estate. I have nothing to leave to my kids. My hands are completely tied.”

What Will Happen To The Coyote Pass Property Now?

Everything Janelle has asset-wise has everybody else’s name on it too. So, now that she has separated from Kody, she has nothing. However, the reality star seems confident and positive that she can rebuild her life from scratch without Kody. As of now, it is unknown how the Coyote Pass property will be shared now that the Brown family patriarch is no longer married to three of his spiritual wives.

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What do you think of Janelle Brown enjoying a change of pace with her daughter? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives.

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