Janelle Brown Is ‘So Happy’ Separated From Kody

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Janelle Brown admitted that she is “so happy” now that she is separated from Kody. The reveal came as quite a shock to tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan. Yet, it has been much speculated and now it has been confirmed by both Janelle and Kody. The best part about it is that Janelle is thriving. Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Is ‘So Happy’ Separated From Kody

After two other parts, it was the finale of the tell-all when Janelle Brown finally addressed her separation. She and Kody have been broken up for a handful of months now. It is not so much of a shock to viewers who have watched their marriage crumble. In a Season 17 episode, Kody and Janelle went out to lunch to discuss their marriage. While doing so, he pointed out how they have not been acting married for most of their marriage.

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Furthermore, he shared that she had been acting far too independent for his liking. There was a lot that she did not agree with but she kept trying because she wanted to stay in the marriage. She even proposed that they try to be good friends because she could not be who he wanted her to be. Kody wanted Janelle to be Robyn in essence. Now, they are split up and Janelle is sharing how she is feeling about it all.

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The moment Janelle Brown told Sukanya that she and Kody were separated, she said she was happy, really happy. She admitted that she had become indifferent in her marriage and just did not care. Though she claims that she still respects Kody, she struggles because of the way that he treated her kids. This is seemingly something that she won’t get over any time soon. Now, she is gradually losing respect for him but she seems to be okay with this.

Moving On

Janelle Brown is not losing any sleep over this breakup. For Christmas, she was in North Carolina with her youngest, Savanah. They celebrated with her eldest daughter, Maddie, and her family. Once Janelle and Savanah made it back to Flagstaff, she shared that they were doing a health reset. They have a big trip ahead of them as they are headed to Disney World. This was a vacation that they took with their Plexus family around the spring of last year. Maddie and Christine were also in attendance so it will be exciting to see if everyone joins in though it might be hard for Maddie. She is expecting her third baby due in February.

Do you think Janelle Brown is genuinely happy without Kody? Is she following in Christine’s footsteps, getting that same glow? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.

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