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Janelle Brown Lives With An Adorable Hoarder: See Pic

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared an adorable picture of a hoarder that lives with her. Now that the mother of six no longer shares her space with Kody Brown, she can have whoever she wants in her house and this cute hoarder is one of her close ones. So, who is the hoarder Janelle Brown is talking about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Janelle Brown Has A Toy Hoarder In the Family

Apart from her six children, Janelle Brown is also a mother to two cute fur babies named Bryn (Brindle) and Obi that joined the family as rescue dogs. While Bryn is a crossbreed between Dachshund and Chihuahua, Obi is a mix between a Labrador and a German Shepherd. Although Obi does live with Janelle at times, he was adopted by Gabe. Not just that, she also has her mom’s dog, Jack living with her.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Over the weekend, Janelle shared a sweet picture of Bryn relaxing in her cozy dog bed surrounded by all her toys. The Sister Wives star captioned the Instagram Story, “The toy hoarder is in ‘da house.”

Janelle Brown Has To Choose Between Kody And Her Dogs

Janelle has always preferred her kids and her dogs over Kody Brown. In Season 17, the reality star revealed that if she is forced to choose between her pets and her husband sleeping in her bed, she would choose her pets every time. After Janelle gave a tour of her new fifth-wheel trailer to Robyn and her oldest daughters, Aurora asks if the extra bunk beds in Savannah’s wing in the trailer are dog beds.

Janelle Brown Sister Wives Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

In her confessional, Janelle reveals, “So I have two dogs. One is Brindle, She’s this fat little sausage. And then I have my mom’s dog, Jack. So I do have two.”

Janelle Brown Will Always Choose Her Dogs And Kids

This came after Kody wanted the dogs to stay outside of the bedroom he shares with Janelle. The Brown family patriarch demanded, “In my mind, I still feel like my bedroom is the sacred place for me and my wife to associate with each other in any variety of ways, and the dogs shouldn’t be there.”

While exploring the trailer, Kody even quipped about it either being the dogs or him in the bed. He warned Janelle Brown that she will have to pick between him and the dogs. However, in her confessional, Janelle clarified that her dogs are above Kody. She said, “Yeah, dude, I’m sorry. You’re here one day in four, maybe three, and I’ll choose the dogs. Gonna choose the dogs, gonna choose the kids.”

Janelle Brown Brindle Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

What do you think of Janelle Brown’s cute hoarder? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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  1. I would pick. My dogs over the rotten husband. He has changed so much I will not watch the show any more. He makes me sick.

    1. I vote for the dogs! Kody needs to GO! He is a scumbag. Dogs are Sweet, Nice and Cuddly. Kody has NONE of those attributes!! Best wishes!

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Robyn and Cody deserve each other, he had no respect for his wife’s. it really got me when he told Christine that he worked so hard to try and love her, if you really love someone you don’t have to work at it. I knew Christine was jealous of him having a 4th wife because in one of her comments she said ( why does he need a 4th wife when I’m here, I should be enough ) I watched the show because it was interesting, now I watch to find out how Jennell, and not so much Christine.

  3. Dogs will be there for you 24-7. They don’t boss you around, put demands on you and will love you no matter what!
    Good girl, just do you! And the dogs of course and the!

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