‘Alaskan Bush People’ Billy Brown Watching Over New Grandson?

Alaskan Bush People Bear and Billy Brown / YouTube

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown just posted a photo as he returned to see his new baby boy and it has fans talking. He saw a brown cart in the hall that told him that his father Billy was watching over his newborn baby.

Here is what Bear found and why fans believe Billy Brown is looking down on his newborn grandson from Heaven.

Raiven And Bear’s Son In NICU

Raiven and Bear Brown welcomed their son into the world over the weekend with a planned C-section. However, the baby’s birth came with some concerning news. Raiven posted a picture of the baby but said she was holding off on telling anyone the baby’s name until he is healthy.

Billy Brown from Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

For now, the new baby boy is in the NCIU. “Unfortunately, he has a few things going on so he is in the NCIU,” Raiven wrote. “It’s so difficult making it to 38 weeks and baby boy going to the NICU like his big brother.”

Raiven had to deliver their first son River early when the pregnancy became life-threatening. River was also in NICU but he has grown well and is ready to be a big brother. Raiven miscarried a child after that and now she has delivered their new baby boy, and they are waiting to take him home.

Bear also posted the same photo and wrote, “I could NOT be more proud of Raiven! She is so strong, so brave and so unstoppable!!! The strength of a mother is amazing! Thank you Raiven! You are the best!” Bear then posted a photo that he believes proves Billy Brown is looking down and protecting his son.

Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown Looking Down On His Grandson

Billy Brown died two years ago and never got to see Bear Brown and Raiven get married. He got to see River, but he will never get to know his new grandson. However, Bear saw a cart on his way back to see his son in NICU and saw this brown cart with the name “Billy B” written on it.

Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown IG post

In response to the post, Noah Brown’s wife Rhain responded with the comment, “Oh wow. I agree with everybody. This is a sign. I hope you say Hi Da!!!”

That was in response to commenters who all agreed that this was a sign that Billy Brown was not only looking down on his family but was possibly a guardian angel for his grandson as he recovers. “That is such an intentional sign from him to let you know he is there with you in your life,” one commenter posted and many agreed.

Help send well wishes to Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown in the comments below as their newborn baby gets his strength in NICU.

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