‘The Daily Show’ Trevor Noah Will Be Replaced With Female Host?

The Daily Show’s former host Trevor Noah will most likely be replaced with a permanent female host. The comedian took charge of hosting the show in 2015. Then, in September 2022, he shared with the audience that he would leave the show to explore something new. His last appearance as a host on the show was on December 8, 2022. Now, the team behind the Comedy Central show is now discussing hiring a permanent female host. So, who would be the new host of The Daily Show? Keep reading to find out the details!

Leslie Jones Kicks Off The Daily Show As The First Guest Host

Currently, the show is being headed by several guest hosts. The Primetime Emmy Award-winning show resumed a new chapter sans Trevor with Leslie Jones as the first guest host on January 17, 2023. This week started with comedian Wanda Sykes as the guest host. Following Wanda, DL Hughley will be hosting starting January 30, 2023.

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The team also has guest hosts lined up for the month of February with Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler.

The Daily Show Execs Want A Permanent Female Host

Even though the current guest host line-up comprises both men and women, the show’s executives are leaning towards a female host as Trevor Noah’s permanent replacement. As reported by The Sun, a source close to the show revealed details of what the executives plan for the future.

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The insider revealed, “They are ready to hire a permanent female host. A decision hasn’t been made-it can take months-but they are strongly considering having the next host be a woman. They are considering a few different people at the moment and have even had one-on-one conversations with people like Chelsea Handler.”

“Each week is basically a test to see who’s best fit. They want the next host to be just as loved by fans as Trevor Noah,” explained the source.

The Daily Show Execs Are Observing Audience Reactions

Other guest hosts announced to take charge of the show include Marlon Wayans, Al Franken, John Leguizamo, Kal Penn, and Hasan Minhaj. Until the show finds a suitable permanent host for the show, these guest hosts will keep entertaining The Daily Show fans.

Additional details of the selection process for the host were also revealed by an eyewitness who attended a taping of the Comedy Central show this week. They revealed that the producers and the crew are noting down the audience’s reaction.

“During commercial breaks, the cameraman and producers were looking back at the audience to see if they were enjoying watching Leslie host. They were definitely making observations,” the eyewitness explained.

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The BTS staff is mostly middle-aged men, as revealed by the eyewitness. So, the executives think the show will do great with a strong female lead. The audience reacted positively to Leslie kicking off the first week of 2023 as a guest host. Despite the fact that she appeared a bit nervous, the audience loved her energy and commended her comic timing.

So, do you agree with The Daily Show’s executives’ decision to have a permanent female host? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more in The Daily Show!

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