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‘The View’ Guest Leslie Jones’ Jewelry Goes FLYING On Set

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The View kicked off the week with a guest appearance from Leslie Jones. Things, however, got a bit chaotic on set forcing the 55-year-old comedian to recover after her jewelry went FLYING on set. What happened exactly? Keep reading for the details.

The View: Leslie Jones’ jewelry goes flying on set

Monday’s episode of The View – which was pre-recorded to air during the holiday – featured Leslie Jones sitting down to discuss her role in a few of her current projects including Our Flag Means Death and guest hosting The Daily Show.

Leslie Jones - YouTube
Leslie Jones – YouTube

Our Flag Means Death is a comedy on HBO Max in which Leslie Jones has a recurring role. The series is about a polyamorous pirate named Spanish Jackie. At one point in time, Jackie has as many as 20 husbands. Talking about the swashbuckler series, Alyssa Farah Griffin asked the comedian how exactly she prepared to be part of such an interest show.

Leslie Jones clued Alyssa into the fact that she’s a 55-year-old woman and she’s lived a very full life. So, there wasn’t much to prepare for.

The comedian got pretty excited while discussing and laughing with The View panel. Leslie was in the middle of hacking her head when one of her earrings went flying and landed on the table.

The View - YouTube
The View – YouTube

“Oh OK, lost earring. There it is right there. You know when a Black girl loses their earring. It about to be out!” Leslie said as she scrambled to get the earring and put it back on.

Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time

Loosely falling into the category of wardrobe malfunction, this is far from the only time someone on the show’s article of clothing failed to cooperate.  A few months ago, during the same season of The View, Sara Haines suffered a massively embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when her skirt actually ripped on set.

“I just ripped my skirt!” Sara blurted out on live TV before proceeding to show the rest of the panel that her skirt was just too tight.

Leslie Jones’ Our Flag Means Death has one Season that is 10 episodes long and available for streaming via HBO Max. The episodes ran during March 2022. The series was renewed for Season 2 and the cast has already confirmed Season 2 filming was wrapped. Many subscribers hope Season 2 will follow the pattern and drop into the streaming library in March of this year.

Have you watched Our Flag Means Death? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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