‘Extreme Sisters’: Anna & Lucy Overshare On Romp Sessions

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Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy have no problems being open with one another about everything. This includes their romp sessions, interestingly enough that include the same man. However, the identical twins also seemingly overshare with each other meaning the audience learns way too much. Yet, what do they divulge? Read on for more details.

Extreme Sisters: Anna & Lucy Overshare On Romp Sessions

Anna and Lucy have had no problem being open about everything that they want out of life. They want to be with the same man, which is what they have gotten. Their boyfriend, Ben finally proposed so the Extreme Sisters now are in the ideal throuple. More so, they are desperate to have babies together. This upcoming season even shows Anna and Lucy nurturing fake babies as they are craving motherhood.

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In a flashback clip from TLC, the twins are asked how they share Ben when it comes to being intimate. This would clearly be an uncomfortable topic but not for these Extreme Sisters who are fine with sharing everything. When they respond to the producer’s questions about them sleeping with Ben, they make one thing clear. The ladies are not with him at the same time. They never have been and that is just the way it is. Yet, they do not mind opening up about what goes on when they are together with Ben in the bedroom.

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Anna and Lucy did specify one vital thing about Ben when he is intimate with the twins. If he does one thing to one twin then he automatically knows it is a given that he has to do it to/with the other. Essentially, he is on repeat with each lady and it seems to be working just fine for him. There is no guessing when it comes to the relationship. So, what should fans expect for Season 2?

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Lucy, Anna, and Ben are back for Season 2 of Extreme Sisters which premieres on January 23rd. However, this season is a bit of a struggle for the ladies. As aforementioned, they are desperate for children so they have taken to carrying around fake babies. This is fine for them but their fiance, Ben is starting to struggle. Though he has been very accepting of their lifestyle up until now, Ben is starting to grow concerned. He fears that the twins are morphing into one and are actually happy about that. Does that shock you in the slightest?

Are you excited to see Lucy and Anna’s journey continue? Furthermore, do you think their engagement with Ben will last? Let us know in the comments below and watch the Season 2 premiere of Extreme Sisters January 23rd on TLC.

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