‘SSW’: The Winders Give Devastating Family Update

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Former Seeking Sister Wife trio, the Winder family, is giving a devastating family update. What should be a very happy time for Colton, Tami, and Sophie, has suddenly turned grim. Rather than hold it in, they have chosen to share it with their followers and fans. So, what exactly happened to rock the family’s world? Read on for more details.

SSW: The Winders Give Devastating Family Update

On Christmas Day, the Winders shared huge news with their fans. After a long road and many struggles, Colton’s first wife, Tami revealed that she was pregnant. The duo already shares Sadie who was born prior to the second wife, Sophie marrying into the family. Furthermore, they shared that the baby had been conceived thanks to science and would be a girl. It was definitely a moment to be celebrated as Sophie welcomed two babies, a son, and a daughter, seemingly back to back.

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Now, they are back with an update and it is beyond heartbreaking. Tami is fine, thankfully but Sophie is not. She took to Instagram to explain what was going on. “We found out we were expecting another little one on New Years Eve. A few weeks later found out we had miscarried. Having a miscarriage is always hard. Processing grief comes in many forms, and it’s good to let those emotions flow when they surface. We believe that our children come to us when they are supposed to, not always when we plan it. We look forward to seeing when we will be blessed with our next child ♥️,” they wrote.

Accompanying that was a video of Sophie, who explains the whole situation. She is in the hospital, speaking through a mask as she awaits an ultrasound. Additionally, Sophie reveals how they were not even trying but were so grateful that they could get pregnant. More so, she recounts realizing how she knew she was pregnant as she started to get sick. Then, it went downhill from there.

A Close Family

Initially, it was clear that the Winders were struggling to find their sweet spot on Seeking Sister Wife. Colton, Tami, and Sadie all lived in one home while Sophie lived in her own. Still, they were looking for another wife to add to their plural family while trying to come out to the community as polygamists. Finally, by Season 3, they had all moved in together and Sophie was expecting. The wives worked together to mother their children while meeting a potential wife. However, they realized growing their immediate family was far more important.

Are you surprised by this Winder revelation? Please send positive thoughts to Sophie during this trying time.


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