Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Winder Family

SSW’ Season 4: Too Much Drama? Winder Family Addresses Casting

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Seeking Sister Wife is returning for Season 4. With that comes five couples, two from last season. Yet fans were frustrated to learn the Winders didn’t make the cut. In an Instagram post, the plural family addressed the casting situation and why they think they aren’t returning.

Meeting The Winders On Seeking Sister Wife

The Winders joined the series in Season 2. Colton was legally married to Tami and spiritually married Sophie the year prior. He and Tami had a daughter Sadie who was just a toddler. Their goal was to shed light on being polygamists in the community, something most people didn’t know they were. They started to go out in the town as a family and not be afraid anymore. More so, to keep with the theme of the show, the Winders hoped to find a third wife to court. Unfortunately, it did not pan out in their first season so they returned for Season 3. Fans had trouble with Colton’s dry speech and personality but warmed up more to him the second go-round.

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By the next year, the whole family was living together with Sophie expecting her first child. They were officially courting Kimberley from North Carolina. However, COVID was about to delay her visit to meet them. When she did finally get out to visit, she connected very well with the wives. Sadly, she and Colton did not connect. Viewers really appreciated watching a family who was into plural marriage for true love and a spiritual connection. They cared about the courting process and were genuinely in love. Towards the end, Tami was exploring her fertility options and they decided they were content the way they were. So, why were the Winders not asked back?

No Season 4 Return

Since the series went on hiatus, Sophie welcomed another baby and the family has been living their best life. They did share that there were no intentions for them to not return for another season if the show returned. Yesterday, it was announced that Seeking Sister Wife was coming back for Season 4. Two couples were returning from Season 3- the Merrifields and the Joneses. Of course, fans were shocked to not see the Winders on the cast list and wondered why they were not returning. They spoke out in a post as to why they believe they were not asked back.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Winder Family

It is their belief that the show has taken a different turn so it makes complete sense to them as to why they won’t be returning. However, they maintain how grateful they are for the experience of being on the series. With that, they will continue to share all of their experiences via social media. Finally, they will be making a big family announcement come April 7th so that will be very exciting.

Are you surprised the Winders won’t be back? Will you still watch Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know in the comments below.

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