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The Winder Family Celebrates Christmas With Huge Announcement

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The Winder family is celebrating Christmas was a huge and exciting announcement. The former stars of Seeking Sister Wife have been keeping fans updated through social media and Facebook. However, it was a bummer when they did not return for the most recent season of the TLC reality series. Now, the family has something big to share for the holiday and they are doing it in a really sweet way. Read on for more details.

The Winder Family Celebrates Christmas With Huge Announcement

Fans have missed the Winders since they left Seeking Sister Wife last season. They understood that the show was taking a different turn therefore it made sense they would be eliminated. Their family stood for traditional polygamist values and the series had gone more in a polyamory direction. More so, they were pure in their courting ways which fans much appreciated.

The Winder Family/Facebook

A big thing that Colton, Tami, and Sophie wanted to focus on was expanding their family. It started with Tami and Colton having Sadie and then Sophie joined. She had Ephraim and then got pregnant with a little girl. However, Tami really wanted to have another baby of her own but that was becoming a struggle. She and Colton were looking for an alternative option and kept their hopes high.


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Now, in a Facebook and Instagram post, the family gathered for Christmas to reveal that their dream has come true. Tami appears to be pregnant with a baby girl, thanks to science. They are all in matching outfits, with Tami holding a onesie with pink handprints on it. Sadie is holding baby booties and there is a slide of all of the excitement ahead. No due date has been revealed just yet but the fact that they are having another baby is a blessing alone.

Still Moving Ahead

After the Winder family departed Seeking Sister Wife, they still had a lot of great things ahead. Tami and Sophie started a podcast, which got even more exciting when they renovated their studio. However, they have seemingly not gone ahead with looking for another wife. Rather, their focus has been on building their family. Fortunately, they have since succeeded and are over the moon with excitement.

Their followers were especially happy to see this big news. “Ahhh congratulations! So happy for the entire family especially Tami ❤️ I know you’ve wanted this for so long! So happy to see you’re expanding,” one wrote. Another added: “Been following your family for years and couldn’t be more happy for you!!!!” It will be a thrill to see the baby when she arrives Earthside.

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