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‘Today’ Savannah Guthrie Gives Somber Goodbye


Today show host Savannah Guthrie gave her former colleague Kerry Sanders an emotional farewell as he retired after 32 years at the NBC news network. During his on-air farewell on January 17, 2023, Savannah thanked the brave reporter for his work over the years and admitted that the entire team will miss him. In saying so, the 51-year-old even got emotional and dubbed him an “incredible reporter.” So, what more did the NBC correspondent say about the now-retired journalist? Keep reading to find out the details!

Savannah Guthrie Admits Kerry Sanders Helped Her

When appearing on the show for his farewell special, Kerry Sanders talked to Hoda Kotb about their gig together for the Olympics. The Peabody Journalism Award winner also revealed that he had the pleasure of visiting every state in America and reporting from 65 countries worldwide. While discussing his choice to retire now, he talked about being home with his wife, Deborah.

Savannah Guthrie YouTube

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Savannah chimed in, “A little more home time is good. We know she misses you, but we are going to miss you, Kerry.”

She further added, “I mean, not only can you do any kind of story, but you’re also an incredible reporter. So smart. You’ve helped me so many times, too many times to count.”

Al Roker Wishes Kerry Sanders Is Hired By A College

By the end of the farewell segment, Today’s favorite weathercaster, Al Roker, said that he hopes a college hires him so that he can spread his wisdom.

As per The Sun, Kerry Sanders first joined the NBC News network in 1991. The journalist accomplished a lot in 32 years of his work in the network. He did everything from reporting underwater in scuba gear to asking all the right questions to politicians. Not just that, Kerry has also jumped out of airplanes, reported on trials, elections, mass shootings, hung from cliffs, and so much more.

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The retired journalist has been in the middle of 100+ severe storms and reported on the ground during the Iraq war. Apart from the Peabody award, the correspondent has also bagged several Emmy awards for his work. Now, that he has left the show, the NBC family is sad.

Fans Laud Kerry Sanders For his Fearless Journalism

On the show, Kerry said, “I think that I can’t believe that I had this amazing opportunity to join this family. I still pinch myself to think that you all welcomed me and that I was a part of this. It’s been a dream come true.”

Several Today viewers also had plenty of kind words to share for the fearless journalist. On Twitter, one wrote, “What a lovely tribute. Congratulations, Kerry!… Have fun in retirement!”

Kerry Sanders YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“What a Talent! Kerry has brought the world to our home in living color for many years, taking us to places we probably will never have the opportunity to visit…” said another.

What do you think of this emotional farewell by Savannah Guthrie and NBC to Kerry Sanders? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. So sorry it wasn’t her leaving. Savannah is Thin lipped, stringy thin hair, thin faced. Network…you are only keeping her cause she is hawking your agenda and not a truth seeker. But that’s pretty much how you operate. That’s the reason I no longer watch your network or any other. I’ll stick with scripps news.

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