Sheryl Underwood Flaunts HUGE Weightloss In Skin-Tight Pants

Sheryl Underwood [The Talk | YouTube]

Sheryl Underwood shocked fans once again. She got them talking about her weight loss. This time, she flaunted her body in skintight pants. Keep on reading for more and see the photos for yourself.

The Talk co-host brings up her massive weight loss

Back in October, Sheryl Underwood opened up about her weight loss. The Talk shared a snipped of her conversation on the show’s official Twitter page. She admitted that she need a lifestyle overhaul. Sheryl decided to do something about her weight after she visited her doctor.

Sheryl Underwood [The Talk | YouTube]
[The Talk | YouTube]
“I’ve made significant lifestyle changes, I was not healthy and I wanna live a long, long time, and I wanna be sitting on this stage a long, long time,” Sheryl Underwood shared. “So, I worked hard with my doctors, I did what I needed to do, and I just wanted to be able to put on a very stylish, but clingy dress to symbolize all the work that I’ve put in.”

The comedian cracked jokes about her weight loss. She admitted that she could cross her legs for the first time. Sheryl shared that it’s been “25, 30 years” since she’s been able to sit like that. The crowd laughed along with her, but she was obviously excited about the results of her diet.

During the September 2022 premiere, fans could stop talking about Sheryl’s new look. Most of them agreed that she looked great. Others couldn’t believe how much weight she lost. In a recent broadcast, she revealed that she lost over 95 pounds. She continues to shed the pounds as she shows off her body.

Sheryl Underwood walks out in skintight pants

On the latest broadcast of The Talk, Sheryl Underwood walked out with her co-hosts. She wore dark skintight pants with a long burgundy tunic. The Hollywood star clapped her hands as she walked onto the stage. She’s been showing off her weight loss transformation in different outfits.

The Talk took to its Instagram Stories to share a clip of the co-hots walking out. They made their way to the stage. Sheryl Underwood smiled brightly in the clips as she waved to the audience. “Happy Wednesday!! We’re live!!” the caption read across the video.

Sheryl Underwood Walks Out With Co-Hosts [The Talk | Instagram Stories]
[The Talk | Instagram Stories]
Each of the co-hosts made their way to their seats. Sheryl also danced in the slimming outfit. She finished off her look with black high heel shoes. She’s been wearing more skintight and body-hugging outfits since her weight loss.

What are your thoughts on Sheryl Underwood flaunting her huge weight loss in skintight pants? What are your thoughts on her weight loss? Do you love her new style lately? Sound off below in the comment section.

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