Tammy Slaton Confirms Shocking No# Of Episodes For Season 4

1000-Lb. Sisters cast member, Tammy Slaton is ready for her fans to watch the new season. She has been hinting at the new season for months on her TikTok account and now it’s here! Tammy has had a lot of changes in her life since the last season. She has also had some very scary moments as well. In fact, in this season of the show, we will see her facing death when she stops breathing. Being put in a medically induced coma, Tammy was shocked to hear that she nearly died. Fortunately, Tammy is still here and has made it clear to her fans that’s she not going anywhere!

Tammy Slaton’s Fans Get Excited

In her newest TikTok video, Tammy gave away some news that fans were very excited to hear. One fan wrote to her, “Can’t you do a serious video or talk about your new look? We can see your hard work. Talk to us about it!” Tammy Slaton told her fans, “I really wish I could talk all this stuff that’s going on with my weight and my hair and my clothes and my marriage. I can’t. I’m still under contract and season four is coming out. That’s only like eight episodes and the series is sixteen episodes.”

Tammy Slaton- TLC
Tammy Slaton- TLC

Tammy added that they would start filming the rest of the season at the end of this month. Her fans were quick to tell her how great she looks these days. They applauded her for losing so much weight and keeping it off. It does look as though she has been hard at work getting her health back in order. That is one of the major changes in her life, but she has had one more!

Tammy Becomes Mrs. Willingham

While in a weight loss rehab facility, Tammy Slaton met Caleb Willingham. The two of them began dating, but her family wasn’t sure that this would work. In fact, her sister Amanda is very hesitant to accept him. Her family members don’t want Tammy to make the same mistakes with men as she has before. The men in her life haven’t been the best to her. In fact, some of her former boyfriends were known as ‘feeders.’ These men had fetishes for larger women. When they dated Tammy, they would bring her unhealthy foods to try and keep her obese.

Caleb Willingham- TikTok
Caleb Willingham- TikTok

From the looks of it, Caleb and Tammy’s relationship seems to be much different than those in her past. They have connected over the same weight loss struggles. Perhaps their time together in the facility is one of the most positive things to happen.

Do you think that Tammy and Caleb will end up working out well? Tell us your thoughts on this season in the comments below. Stay here at TV Shows Ace for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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