HBO Max Is Renewing Its Most Hated Show

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Nick Davis

HBO Max has taken on a notorious reputation recently for its many cancellations of fan-favorite shows. Nothing is safe as shows like WestworldBatman: Caped Crusader, and Raised By Wolves are all thrown by the wayside. Among all of these cancellations, however, there is a show that is surviving to its second season. Yet, it may be surviving to its second season off rage clicks alone. It’s a fact that has many HBO Max subscribers considering leaving the platform.

Rage Clicks Fuel Season 2?

If you’ve been active on the internet recently, you’ve probably seen some hate for VelmaVelma is the confusing Scooby Doo adaptation that, for whatever reason, entirely lacks Scooby Doo himself. There are other aspects of the show that have some seedier aspects of the internet angry as well. Things like the race swap of characters Velma and Shaggy, and the change of Shaggy’s name to Norville.

The poster for 'Velma' on HBO Max
The poster for ‘Velma’ on HBO Max

But Velma seems to have the unique quality of uniting the entire internet against it. The show has an abysmal 6% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critic score is significantly higher but still won’t inspire anyone to give the show a chance at just 55%. It seems as though this show has little-to-no redeeming qualities for anyone who watches.

And yet… a Season 2 is now in the works.


Confirmation of the Velma Season 2 order came this week. The Entertainment Identifier Registry currently lists Velma Season 2 as under production. Granted, HBO Max and the creators themselves have yet to confirm this renewal. But, the facts we have right now would make it seem as though a Season 2 is currently in the pipeline. This is a fairly outrageous fact to many HBO Max subscribers. Velma has seemingly catapulted its way to more episodes through sheer rage clicks. Whereas shows with legitimate acclaim like Raised By Wolves are now no longer in production. It would seem as though the studio behind The Sopranos is now promoting attention by any means necessary over substance.

The Internet vs. Velma

Velma is helmed by Mindy Kaling. She’s a former writer and star of The Office along with other popular comedy shows like The Mindy Project and The Sex Lives Of College Girls. Considering Mindy’s positive track record in the past for quirky, female-led comedy, many are disappointed with the end result of Velma Season 1. It doesn’t appear to want to be a show for Scooby Doo fans at all, which begs the question of why it had to be a show in that universe in the first place? Regardless, maybe the show will come more into its own in later seasons.

Velma Season 1 is out on HBO Max now.

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