Pete Davidson Neighbors Have A Lot To Say About Him & New GF

Pete Davidson [New York Giants | YouTube]

Pete Davidson is already getting cozy with his new girlfriend. He’s been dating his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-star Chase Sui. The two spent time at his Brooklyn loft. Pete’s neighbors have a lot to say about the new couple. Keep on reading to learn more.

Brooklyn neighbors speak out about Pete Davidson

His neighbors couldn’t stop talking about him. In a statement with The U.S. Sun, they shared what Pete Davidson and his new girlfriend are really like. They have nothing but kind words to say about the couple. The comedian moved into his new loft in Brooklyn last year.

Pete Davidson & Eli Manning [New York Giants | YouTube]
[New York Giants | YouTube]
Pete Davidson and Chase have been spotted together. The two are reportedly dating after a series of sightings. This comes after Pete previously dated Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian. Employees love the comedian and say “hi” to him when they get a chance and that he will arrive at his pad with his new girlfriend.

In their interview with The U.S. Sun, employees say that “everyone loves them.” Pete Davidson is not as outgoing as he comes off on Saturday Night Live. He is civil to the staff and his neighbors but remains private. Pete probably wants to remain private after his dating life has been making the news lately.

Eli Manning & Pete Davidson [New York Giants | YouTube]
[New York Giants | YouTube]
“He keeps to himself and doesn’t talk much, but is always polite,” the insider added. “He’ll hide in the corner with his hoodie up if there’s a big rush.”

Even though Pete is a bit introverted, he’s still charming. The neighbors have noticed some odd things about him though. The Hollywood star “slouches a lot and always appears tired.” In the past, Pete opened up about his health problems, including Crohn’s Disease and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Retreating with new girlfriend Chase Sui

The actor has been quietly retreating with Chase Sui. Pete Davidson made the move from Staten Island to Brooklyn. He lived in his Staten Island apartment, which he purchased after leaving his family home. Now, he lives in a 4,500-square-foot penthouse in Dumbo.

The property features views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline. Realtor and real estate expert Ben Gernandt told The U.S. Sun that properties in that area cost between $20,000 to $30,000. Most residents are drawn to this area because they like the privacy with its hidden entrances and rooftop garden, which prevents wandering eyes.

Chase Sui [Electric Playground | YouTube]
[Electric Playground | YouTube]
Pete loves the place so he can spend more time with his girlfriends. In February 2022, the former SNL cast member announced that he was moving to Brooklyn. He was in the midst of moving to his new place. While Pete loves living on Staten Island, he didn’t like the traffic over the bridge.

What are your thoughts on what neighbors said about Pete Davidson and his new girlfriend? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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