Kanye West Poisoned Kim’s Relationship With Pete Davidson?

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Kanye West has been all over the headlines for the past few weeks. First, he was missing for nearly a month. Then, he resurfaced and was getting chummy with a mysterious woman. Now, it has been revealed he actually got married to the woman he was spotted with.

Naturally, one big question fans of Kanye and the Kardashian family has is really simple: How do his ex-wife and his children fit into the equation? A source close to Kim Kardashian told The Sun she was “stunned” by the whirlwind marriage. Unsurprisingly, she’s deeply concerned with how this marriage will impact their children.

Shifting gears a bit, the topic of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s relationship with him was mentioned. The source implied to The Sun that Kanye played a massive role at the end of Kim and Pete’s relationship.

Kanye West Drags Kim Kardashian For Lack Of Respect [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Kanye West poisoned Kim Kardashian and Pete’s relationship?

The source told The Sun that Kanye West was “toxic.” This source also claimed that Kim Kardashian has spent the better part of the last year hoping her ex-husband would find someone to be with so he could stop being so obsessed with her and what she was doing.

It’s like Kanye is toxic. He poisoned Kim’s chance at a normal relationship with Pete [Davidson], now he’s gone off and married someone.”

The source that spoke to The Sun also reveals that Kim really hasn’t been able to get a clear answer or any information from Kanye West on what’s going on or what his plans are with his children having a new wife. Unfortunately, it sounds as though he’s been just as hard for her to nail down as everyone else who has been trying to get ahold of him.

Kanye has been going off the grid, saying he’s really busy with work and other things so she hasn’t even managed to get a straight answer out of him.

At the end of the day, Kim Kardashian’s main priority is her children. And, she’s deeply worried about what this whirlwind marriage could do to them or what they’ll think about what their daddy has done.

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The source went on to explain: “But now, it’s just the inevitable drama as always, and Kim is left, once again, trying to protect the kids from the whirlwind.”

The internet is too surprised that Kanye has rushed into a new marriage. They are, however, disgusted that he ruined Kim’s relationship with Pete before getting married in secrecy.

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