‘GMA’ Ginger Zee Offers Unemployed Troll Job Opportunity?

Ginger Zee [GMA | YouTube]

Ginger Zee has been met with trolls once again. The Good Morning America meteorologist continues to be gracious to them. She offered one unemployed troll a job opportunity. However, her fans told her to pay no mind to the haters. Read on for more details.

GMA meteorologist hit with trolls again

Ginger Zee has been fighting off a lot of trolls on Twitter lately. They increased in light of the social media app’s recent changes and her return from her holiday break. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Ginger was trolled over her looks and salary. Once again, a troll came for her looks.

A Twitter user suggested that she needed a “stylist.” Ginger gave the troll a job offer. Fans couldn’t believe her sassy response to the hater. The troll wanted to get Ginger’s attention and get her riled up over their comment.

Ginger Zee Wears Neon Turtleneck & Black Plaid Skirt [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
One user complained about the DWTS alum’s style on Sunday, January 15. They think that she needs a makeover. The troll in question has no profile picture and refers to themselves as “CM” with the handle “Southern Dawg.”

“I don’t know why I read articles about @Ginger_Zee’s hair or attire on GMA. If anyone on a morning show needs a stylist, it’s @Ginger_Zee,” the user tweeted.

“Do you want to do it?” Ginger Zee offered the troll. The troll never took her up on her offer. Other fans took to her tweet to share their thoughts. Most of them told her to stop paying attention to the trolls.

  • “The best response is NO RESPONSE to negativity! Engaging with negative people gives them what they want. BE THE BETTER PERSON.”
  • “Dear Ginger, just be yourself, you are amazing. I hope the trolls with too much judgment and no class will one day stop to look at themselves in the mirror so they can see how ugly they are inside and outside.”
  • “Another expert?! Your clothes, your commentary, your hair… what next?!”

Ginger Zee slammed for her appearance

Earlier this month, another troll claimed that Ginger Zee could use a hairstylist. They claim that she needed a new hairstyle. She clapped back at that troll as well. Ginger shot back with a snapshot of herself all dolled up on GMA.

She asked them: “What should be done exactly?”

Fans came to her support. WCBS anchor Steve Scott wrote: “The only thing you should cut is all communication with Mr. Worth and his TEN Twitter followers.” Journalist Elizabeth Vargas wrote: “I think she looks beautiful.”

What are your thoughts on Ginger Zee offering a job to an unemployed troll? Do you think she’s too kind to the trolls on Twitter? Do you think she should ignore them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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