‘GMA’ Ginger Zee Trolled Over Her Looks & Salary?

Ginger Zee [GMA | YouTube]

Trolls ripped Ginger Zee over her looks and salary. It’s hard to believe, but that’s what went down on Twitter. The Good Morning America meteorologist has dealt with a lot of unkind comments in recent days. She ventures to dangerous spots to bring the news to the viewers. However, not even meteorologists are safe from trolls on social media. Keep on reading to learn more.

Ginger Zee fights off Twitter trolls

The former Dancing with the Stars alum snapped back at one troll this week. She had to recollect herself after being accused of receiving “special treatment.” One troll claimed that Ginger Zee gets more opportunities than her colleagues and doesn’t have to work as hard as them.

Ginger Zee [YouTube]
“Sooo happy you’re going back to work just like all of your hard-working colleagues who don’t get SPECIAL TREATMENT like you,” the user tweeted. “Broadcasting from your backyard or something? that’s pathetic. At the very least, you should offer back half of your SALARY since you work 2 hours/day.”

For some reason, the troll assumed that Ginger broadcasted the weather from her backyard. Last summer, she traveled across the east coast to cover the deadly hurricanes. Ginger recently went to California to talk about the erosion from the ongoing rainstorms. She made it clear that she doesn’t get special privileges.

“Take a breath. You see my every move?” Ginger Zee snapped back. “I was in the studio Monday traveling for an assignment today and I haven’t broadcast from my yard since COVID more than a year ago. Thanks for watching.”

Did the GMA meteorologist have a bad hair day?

This isn’t the first time that Ginger Zee has dealt with trolls. Many slammed some of her sexy outfits during her on-air broadcasts when she was at the studio. When she’s on the field, it’s a different story. Ginger wears the signature cobalt blue ABC World News wind jacket.

This time, another troll said they didn’t like her hairstyle. On Tuesday, January 3, another troll told her to get her hair done. Last fall, Ginger shocked fans when she colored her hair like the trees. Apparently, this person was sick of her hair color.

Ginger Zee [YouTube]
“Mrs. Zee it’s time to do something with your hair,” the troll wrote with a heart emoji.

“What should be done exactly?” Ginger Zee responded with a photo of herself all glammed up in the studio.

The troll never offered suggestions. Fans jumped to her defense. They called out the user for criticizing a woman’s looks. Ginger has a glam squad who styles her hair before she goes live on the morning show.

What are your thoughts on Ginger Zee battling trolls this week? Do you think she’s had enough? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I am so sick of all the negative comments regarding GMA. I am a huge fan and am so disappointed in all the drama going on. It is an everyday occurrence with comments in the news, Facebook etc.

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