Kelly Ripa Fans Worry As She Misses Work Due To Possible Illness

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Kelly Ripa has missed both shows this week and it has her fans worried. She has actually remained absent from the show since last Thursday. This came after she told co-host Ryan Seacrest that she was feeling sick.

Here is what we know about Kelly Ripa’s absence.

Kelly Ripa misses her show due to a possible illness

Kelly Ripa has been absent from her talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan since last Thursday. It came after she said earlier last week that she was feeling sick. This was while she was talking to Ryan, but she said things didn’t seem too bad at the time. On Monday, she noted that she had gotten tested for the illness and the tests returned negative. This likely means she was tested for COVID-19.

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“I got really sick, and here’s what’s irritating,” Kely explained. “When you get sick, and then you have the audacity to test negative for everything. And the doctor’s like, ‘No, maybe you just have like a random thing.'” Kelly then went on to say that she felt like she was dying. By Tuesday’s episode, Kelly had completely lost her voice.

Kelly was also missing the previous Thursday and Friday. This means that over the last nine episodes, Kelly missed all but three of them. Kelly told fans on the episode that she received steroids to help her kick the symptoms after missing those first two days. However, she said she came back too soon and that is likely why she got even sicker. She said she returned because her doctor said she was “fine.”

It is likely Kelly won’t be back until she is fully recovered this time to make sure she doesn’t get sicker again.

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Fans reach out to Kelly Ripa to get better

Kelly Ripa fans were there to send her their best wishes. However, there were also plenty of fans who admonished her for coming back to work too soon while she was clearly sick. One fan wrote, “Who let Kelly Ripa be on air sounding like a chain smoker.”

Another blamed the network. They wrote, “Today would have probably been one of those days to take off @KellyRipa Honestly a talk show host that can’t talk should be home with hot tea and lemon! Come on man!”

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Ryan Seacrest said that Kelly was staying home now to recover. He admitted that she was “going through it” while he worked with some guest co-hosts. These included Carson Kressley, DJ DeJa Vu, and Jenny Mollen. Fans are mostly hoping she recovers soon so they can get her back on the air.

Have you missed Kelly Ripa this week on Live with Kelly and Ryan? Send your well wishes to the daytime talk show host in the comment section below.

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