‘GMA’ Robin Roberts Is Setting Boundaries?

Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]

GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts shared an important message on setting boundaries. She hinted about removing gossip and negative people from her life. This message is timely considering the ongoing scandal involved with the morning show.

Fans are holding their breath as they’re waiting for ABC to announce the news that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are fired from the show. The two were caught in an alleged heated affair while married to other people.

This led the family-friendly network to suspend them from the third hour of the morning show. In the meantime, Robin continues to share words of wisdom amid the GMA scandal.

Robin Roberts [Extra TV | YouTube]
[Extra TV | YouTube]

Robin Roberts drops hints amid GMA affair

On Thursday, January 12, Robin Roberts shared a video on her social media pages. She dedicates the day to thankfulness and gratitude. The co-anchor expressed gratitude for the people she has in her life. The 62-year-old told fans to remove negative situations and people from their lives.

Robin wore a hot pink and yellow body-hugging dress as she spoke the words from her phone. At the start, she welcomed her Glam Fam from her dressing room. She got into the message. Robin always starts her day with a morning message and prayer.

Robin Roberts On Sherri Show [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
“Who are the people that you have in your life?” Robin Roberts asks. “If you spend your time with gossip, peace stealers, or negative people you’re going to become like them. It’s time to make a change and put up some boundaries you have to teach people how to treat you.”

The television personality told fans that they should surround themselves with the right people. She then thanked God for meeting the right people in her life. She then concluded her message with a morning prayer. Fans took to the comment section of her Instagram post to thank her for the important message.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach could get fired

By Monday morning, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach could lose their jobs. The two have lawyered up with their own lawyers in case ABC makes the decision. The network is wrapping up its internal review and could fire them soon. Robin Roberts is reportedly “furious” about the news of the alleged affair.

This is a timely message to the GMA followers and viewers who watch her at the desk every morning. She hinted that she set boundaries in her life. Robin used to be close to Amy. Now, she’s trying to remove herself from the drama at her workplace.

She’s not the only one. Dr. Jennifer Ashton has as well. What are your thoughts on Robin Roberts’ morning message? Do you think this means she’s setting boundaries? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Robins life is not exactly without questions……why does she feel like she is holier than most? I like her…but, don’t love some of her life choices….I don’t cut her out of my likes…..sure is judge mental….

  2. Your team has different rules for different people….displease you and you’re cut out…..certainly not fair or Christian. Are you the judge with all power? You didn’t used to be! Sad….sad

  3. Why in this world would you considering firing 2 of the best reporters you have. Y’all preach people can’t help to whom they fall in love with ie: Robin Roberts marrying her partner (wife) and Gio Bienetiz husband) and Sam Champion(husband)…may I continue or are you getting my drift? And yes I know T.J. and Amy were legally married, but when in the world did that matter n NYC? They just got caught. I like T.J. and I like Amy. I feel you will lose rwo of the best things that your news show has. A great asset.
    Don’t pick and choose your rules, the one without sin throw the first stone.And by the way, only one man can judge us all. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
    Please reconsider and think this out, please!

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