Kelly Ripa’s Son Drops Jaws With Stunning Black & White Snap

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Kelly Ripa’s son Michael Consuelos is welcoming the New Year with a stunning black and white snap leaving fans in awe. The 25-year-old has a lot to look forward to in 2023 and already established a strong footing in terms of career last year. The actor/director shared with fans a glimpse of how he wishes to make the year more productive. What was this picture about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Michael Consuelos Shares Glimpse Of His Brooklyn Apartment

The Riverdale guest star shared a glimpse of his apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Instagram. In the picture, he sat in front of a brick wall with big windows on both sides with a view of the New York City buildings right behind. With a bag beside him and a laptop in front, the picture seemed to create an illusion of him working. However, his face was almost hidden by a mask, his hair, and his glasses.

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The Duck Dodgers actor captioned the post, “Wishing everyone a productive 2023… by showing all of you a photo of me pretending to work.”

Fans Feel The Apartment View Is Too Distracting To Work

Fans flocked to the comments section and admired the view from the windows. One wrote, “Look at all of those windows!!”

Another added, “At first I thought this was a stock image. Nice aesthetic. Sending you productive 2023 vibes as well.”

“Happy New Year to you. I would never get any work done with those gorgeous views. I would be completely distracted from the very first second,” claimed a third fan.

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While the young actor is living a great life now, his parents have always pushed him to stand on his feet. In an episode of Live With Kelly And Ryan last year, Kelly Ripa revealed that he and her husband gave Michael a one-year grace period after his graduation in 2020. However, he had a lot of difficulties finding work after graduating.

She explained how adulating is hard these days. It is very difficult for kids to find suitable job opportunities with the economy facing issues due to the pandemic. The actress revealed that her son had a writing gig lined up after his graduation. However, it evaporated due to the pandemic after the production was compelled to shut down.

Kelly Ripa Helps Her Kids Financially, But With A Condition

The mother of three added that she helps her children financially as long as they maintain their jobs and take care of other responsibilities.

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Now, the budding actor is following in his father, Mark Consuelos’ footsteps and slowly revealing his exceptional skills as an actor. Apart from that, he is also inspired by his mother and spoke about his love for writing and filmmaking.

What do you think of Michael Consuelos’ stunning black and white picture? Would you be able to work with such an amazing view of New York City? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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