Generation Gap Kelly Ripa Guiding Kids To Cheap Prizes? [ABC | YouTube]

‘Generation Gap’ Kelly Ripa Guiding Kids To Cheap Prizes?

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Generation Gap fans say Kelly Ripa encourages kids to choose the cheaper prizes. They slammed the host of the game show for being “super mean” to the families who have their eyes on the prize. The new ABC game show pairs up kids and seniors who test their pop culture knowledge. It shows whether there’s really a “generation gap” between these two demographics.

The Live With Kelly & Ryan host has juggled many duties lately. Kelly started hosting the new game show, which premiered earlier this summer. She’s also the executive producer of two new Lifetime movies alongside her husband Mark Consuelos.

Next month, she release her first-ever book about her life in the spotlight. Find out why fans are slamming Kelly Ripa for the way she’s guiding the kids on the show.

Kelly Ripa Slammed For Super-Mean Segment? [ABC | YouTube]
[ABC | YouTube]

Kelly Ripa was caught “choreographing” the kids

The 51-year-old has been slammed for encouraging the kids’ choices. Some fans think she’s being cheap. The backlash took place during Thursday’s episode of Generation Gap. During the segment called “Toddler’s Choice,” a young child chose which prize their winning family could go home with.

The decision is either a huge prize the entire family could enjoy or a prize that the child would like themselves. At the end of Thursday’s episode, the family would either choose a new car or a high-tech bike. The toddler ended up with the tricycle, which upset their family and the in-studio audience.

Kelly Ripa Hosts Generation Gap [ABC | YouTube]
[ABC | YouTube]
The Generation Gap viewers were upset, but for a different reason. Some of them blamed Kelly Ripa for the harsh segment. They believe that it allows the contestants to blame their kids for the prize winnings. Others feel that the show is cheap with the prizes.

Since its premiere, only one car has been won on the game show. Some of the fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most of them called the host “super mean.” Others argued that it’s not a cute and charming segment.

  • “Time to see if the family will (NOT) get a card! It’s Toddler’s Choice! #GenerationGap.”
  • “Having the little kid pick at the end is honestly super mean.”
  • “Whoever decided this was cute and/or funny, it’s not.”
  • “Particularly, how & where Kelly stands & walks with the child, in effect ‘directing’ to the ‘not car.'”

Generation Gap host makes an adult joke

This comes after Kelly Ripa cracked an adult joke in front of the kids. It happened when she spoke to one of the players. Granddaughter and grandmother Olivia and Andrea won the game. Kelly made a blunder and shared an inappropriate joke in front of the nine-year-old.

“So, Andrea, I understand that you also went back to school? Are you going to be a doctor?” Kelly Ripa asked.

“No,” Andrea responded. “I wanted to go to law school – I mean art school. My parents wouldn’t let me go back then. I had to get a ‘real job’ so at 70 years old, I put myself in art school.”

The audience cheered for her. Kelly wanted to know what kind of art she likes. Andrea explained that she’s into figure drawing. The kind of stuff that her granddaughter can’t look at.

Kelly Ripa Criticized [ABC | YouTube]
[ABC | YouTube]
“She can’t see? Like nudes?” Kelly Ripa asked. “Do you do you nudes?”

Andrea nodded. The host gasped and put her hand on her chest. Then she volunteered to pose nude to “humiliate” her family. The audience got a good laugh out of their NSFW banter.

What are your thoughts on Kelly Ripa on Generation Gap? Do you think the “Toddler’s Choice” segment is mean? Do you agree that Kelly encourages kids to choose the cheaper prize? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. When this season was taped, nobody new what the Toddlers Choice segment would be. If there is a second season I think the parents will tell the toddler in advance to pick the Car. It’s a funny segment and the kids are cute. I don’t really see Kelly trying to sway them. On Thursday’s episode, when the door opened the kid immediately said ” I want The Bike”

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