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YouTube star Shane Dawson is officially married after tying the knot with Ryland Adams. As those who are familiar with this Internet couple know, Shane and Ryland got engaged back in March of 2019. The two dated for roughly three years before getting engaged. And, they were engaged for just shy of four years before getting married. Shane shared the exciting news with his massive fan base via Instagram.

Shane penned in the caption of his Instagram post: “We’re married!! ❤️ the best day of my life. 🙂 Our very unique wedding video is up now.”

The caption was attached to a photo of the newlyweds kissing outside of a Colorado courthouse. While many of Shane’s followers were thrilled by the news. Some noted “it was about time” as the couple was just a few short years away from being together for a decade.


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Shane Dawson Gets Married: Who Is This YouTuber?

Now, Shane Dawson is a name most millennials will recognize. He is a YouTuber that got his start way back in 2008. From 2008-2010 he made content on YouTube that proceeded to accumulate over 500M views. He was a goofy 19-year-old and he was actually one of the first people to rise to fame via YouTube.

To date, Shane has 19M subscribers on YouTube and another 7.7M subscribers on Instagram. While he doesn’t have a Kardashian-sized following and he isn’t someone that everyone would consider a “traditional celebrity” he certainly is an entertaining icon that many people look up to.

The couple shared a 23-minute vlog on YouTube documenting their wedding for their followers. The video can be viewed down below:

Shane Dawson’s new husband said in the video: “We really started planning our wedding for a specific day. We started telling our family to book the day. We had the day planned out and the event planned out for what we thought was going to be our wedding. Logistically, it’s better to get our marriage license in Colorado and because we’re leaving to go back to California tomorrow, today is the last day we have to execute on that.”

His followers react to the exciting news

On Instagram, there was nothing but love for the couple as most of their followers kept their responses simple with variations of the word “congratulations.”

One individual penned in the comments of the video on YouTube: “As someone who has been watching Shane since I was in 5th grade and now 25 years old I am screaming, shaking, crying, throwing up!!!! Congratulations you guys seriously I am so happy for you!”


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Another added: “Ryland, there isn’t enough thanks in the world to express how much it means to us fans to see you treat someone we’ve loved for so long with such amazing love and respect. You truly gifted us with so much laughter and happiness since coming into Shane’s life. Congratulations to the both of you!”

In the comments, many longtime fans of Shane Dawson thanked Ryland for loving him the way he deserved to be loved all of these years.

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