YouTube Sensation Keenan Cahill Dead At 27, What Happened?

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YouTube sensation and influencer Keenan Cahill has died. He was just twenty-seven at the time of his passing. So, what happened to cause this? Read on for the details that are known so far.

YouTube Sensation Keenan Cahill Dead At 27, What Happened?

Keenan Cahill sadly passed away at the tender age of twenty-seven. He was widely known as a YouTube influencer amassing hundreds of millions of views on his channel. According to TMZ, the pint-sized star had open heart surgery on December 15th. This is per his rep, David Graham. Unfortunately, Keenan Cahill suffered complications from this surgery and was ultimately put on life support. Thursday afternoon, December 29th, he was then taken off of life support and sadly passed away.

Keenan had created a huge following while making videos of himself with celebrities as he lip-synched. At one point, he was the first influencer to gain 500 million views on YouTube. Though he worked with plenty of celebrities during his time, it was 50 Cent who collaborated with Keenan on “Down On Me.” That was really when people started to take note of who Keenan Cahill was.

Keenan and Katy/ YouTube
Keenan and Katy Perry

He went on to work with a bevy of well-known acts. They included Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, David Guetta, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, LMFAO, and Tyra Banks. Plus, he was seen with Ciara and the cast of Jersey Shore. Everyone who met him seemed to love him and just were drawn to his light.

What Was His Condition?

Keenan Cahill was born with a rare genetic disorder called Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome. Essentially, it causes the organs and tissue to enlarge while becoming scarred or inflamed. Those who have it can also suffer from heart problems and sadly, this was the case for Keenan. Those who adored him have already started to tweet about how sad they feel over losing him.

Obviously, he loved the Knicks so it is so heartwarming to see a tribute straight from them.

These are just a few testimonials of how beloved Keenan Cahill was and what an impact he left on the world. Despite being here for such a short time, he left a legacy like no other. Rest in peace and may your spirit live on for generations to come.

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